Transform Your Life

I specialise in coaching ambitious established professionals who have a track record of achieving great things, but now want more meaning to their work, want to overcome self-doubt, want more influence and impact, and work smarter not harder so they can spend more time with family and friends.

Over the past twelve years I’ve helped my individual and organisation-sponsored clients to: identify and break through blockages and limiting beliefs; develop their emotional intelligence; build resilience; improve self-belief; find a renewed focus and direction; and design a more balanced and meaningful life.

Since 2008, hundreds of professionals have followed my unique method to redesign their lives and careers. My clients include founders, senior professionals and c-level executives in companies such as BBC TV, Saatchi & Saatchi, Slaughter & May, Lloyds, Barclays, Ogilvy, Costain and Generali. Combining the principles of neuroscience, emotional intelligence and leadership development, my proven method works.

Transform Your Life

 I work with leaders, organisations, individuals and coaches to live the life they want.

With a background of 14 years in the fast-paced world of BBC TV production, I understand the pressure you’re under. I know you’re too busy just getting through the day to reflect on and resolve the issues that keep you up at night. I’ve been there. And coaching got me here. My purpose now is to help you see you have a choice as
to how you live your life. Together we’ll work out what makes you happy, and fulfilled, and we’ll make it happen
for you.

Design a New Life

You’re ambitious, driven and successful, but something just doesn’t feel right and you don’t know why you’re doing it all any more.

Discover why you feel like this and the limiting beliefs, behaviours and fears that are holding you back. Together, we will replace these with a whole new mindset and behaviours that will serve you well for this next phase of your life and career.

Get What You Want

Get meaningful work, a satisfying career, more self-belief, less stress, more rest and more fun!

We achieve more balance in your life,  more peace, more time and space to think – so that you can find out what you really want (versus what no longer brings you joy and satisfaction), and help you build ways of getting it every day for the rest of your life.

My Solutions

My programmes are underpinned by my unique 5 step method and draw on neuroscience, emotional intelligence and leadership theory, and are combined with practical tools and techniques that work.

Whether you’re a founder, leader, organisation, or individual, with a structured process and the relevant support and accountability, I can help you achieve your goals.

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My Reason Why

I believe we always have a choice and can always change things – even when we think we can’t.  However, before I found coaching, like most people, I didn’t realise this, and thought my life was my ‘lot’.  I didn’t know that whatever the situation or circumstance, we can always change how we think, feel and respond to it.  I’m not saying it’s easy to do that, but I do know it’s possible, and my coaching programmes are designed to give you both the relevant information and neuroscience theory, plus the practical tools, to do just that within your life too.

Since discovering coaching and it’s profound impact on both me and my clients, I’ve wanted to get the word out to as many people as possible. That’s why I started my Change Your Life in 5 videos, and started writing my book of the same name. Both are based on the five core principles that underpin my work: Clarify | Conquer | Choose | Celebrate | Commit.

Last year I was spotted by a publisher and I’m very excited (and a bit scared) to announce it will be published on April 16th.

My big vision is a world in which we all live a life of conscious choice – no longer held back by self-doubt, limiting beliefs and fear – a life of clarity, personal freedom, peace, and meaning.


My blog and video series Change Your Life in Five was produced to offer simple tips and tools to help you to live a happier, more fulfilled life. 

Give it a try in just 5 minutes per day!



Mike Shawcross

Senior Manager, Deloitte

Sue was a huge help to me when I reached a point where I was struggling to balance work, family and overall stress. She helped me approach these problems from a completely different perspective than I’d ever thought of myself and soon, I was seeing a route out of my deep rut. She helped me trust my own values and judgement which resulted in me leaving London, changing job, reducing my stress and having more time to spend with my family and myself. From someone who would have previously snubbed the idea of seeking such help, I now can’t recommend it enough. I would highly recommend Sue to anyone.

Nancy Wilde CPCC

Entrepreneur Coach

Working with Sue has helped me grow and learn as a Co-Active coach enormously – Sue has demonstrated and explained all of the CTI principles with clarity and transparency. She has helped me understand my saboteurs, my life purpose which was still unclear even after core curriculum, and connect me to my strengths. She has helped me with clients to serve them best. Sue is worth every penny – she is informative, brilliant, supportive, extremely knowledgeable about CTI, holds you accountable to your goals, will help you develop your business such that you will reap the benefits financially.

Rebecca Fowler

Co-Founder, Haus of Nomads

Sue is an incredibly astute, insightful & pragmatic coach. I could easily connect with her approach of viewing me as a whole, realising that who I am in my personal life directly affects who I am in the business context. She is warm and welcoming, which allowed me to trust her to help me work through blockers that were inhibiting aspects of my development. Within three months, I gained new skills to deal with challenging situations on my own terms. Her work is as deep and meaningful as you allow it to be. I highly recommend Sue for individuals and companies alike.

Dr Rashmi Narayana (MD, MPH, MBA)

Head of Clinical Development, Fast growing health tech company.

Before I met Sue, I found work challenging and stressful. It stopped me from doing my job well and affected my non-work life. I wasn’t sleeping well and was finding it hard to find time to do things I enjoy. Working with Sue is like working with a trusted professional who has your best interests as her goal. She emotionally tuned-in, really listens and offers concrete, actionable feedback. This helped me to focus on just being me in sessions without worrying too much about ‘what I will be perceived as’. After coaching with Sue, I now manage a growing, international team of doctors and researchers and have managed to keep my team engagement score higher than the company average. I am also enjoying taking breaks to spend time with my family without feeling guilty. I am getting fitter and healthier than before. 

St Paul’s
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St Paul’s
1 Snow Hill Court
The City
London EC1A 2EJ

Wimpole Street
85 Wimpole Street
London W1G 9RJ

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