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Be more lobster

If you could do with an instant dose of confidence and resilience, then listen to this.

I love this – neurologists have found that the most successful lobsters have the highest level of serotonin in their brain! What I mean by success is they attract the most mates and they get the most territory. It’s busy down there, those are really valuable!

This is because serotonin is the ‘don’t worry, be happy’ hormone, so it instantly makes you feel more confident and resilient.

Now, an instant way of increasing those levels in your brain is to stand straight, so really have a straight back. Stand tall, stand straight. Not only will this make you feel more confident straightaway, but it will also have others feel that about you, too, unconsciously, because also, they found that bullies unconsciously choose people with low levels of serotonin. If you want to feel instantly more happy and confident and have others feel that in you, too, stand straight, stand tall, and I would love to hear your comments on this one below.

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There is no such thing as perfect.
If you keep going for perfection you will never be content.

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