Life Coaching

My vision is to create a world in which we all live a life of conscious choice, no longer held back by old behaviours, fear and limiting beliefs. Join me to live a life of meaning and purpose.

I believe coaching is about giving people the information and practical tools to live a better, happier and more fulfilled life. Behind all of this, in everything I do, I help people to realise they do actually have a choice and can actually live a life they only dare dream about, one in which they are living as their true self, honouring their own values and not those of others.

Live a life fully connected to your purpose and your ‘why’.

Over the past decade I’ve helped my clients get clear on what they want for the next phase of their life; identifying and breaking through the blockages and limiting beliefs that had been holding them back, and then designing a happy, fulfilled, more meaningful life.

To find out a bit more about me and why I do this work here’s a recent clip taken from my ‘What’s Your Why’ corporate workshop, interviewed by Graham Kemp, Director, Marketing Agencies Action Group (MAAG)

I’m a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and adhere to its code of ethics

I started my career as a BBC producer and over those years, I had the privilege of exploring and sharing so many peoples stories with the world. I loved to really show others that there are different ways to live, there are options out there, that people do overcome difficulties and it is possible to change things, whatever your circumstance

Often in my job, it felt like witnessing and sharing this wasn’t enough, I wanted the practical tools and techniques to actually help people out of a really sticky situation, where they feel they’ve actually got no choice,. For me, coaching is that other piece, that when combined with the understanding of why things are the way they are, it gives the what to do about it.

Looking back, I knew something in my life wasn’t right. I had spent around 2 years on the same trajectory of being career focused and a high achiever, but deep down I knew that it just wasn’t doing it for me. I didn’t know the answer or see a way out so I carried on in the only way I knew how, which was to work harder and ignore how unfulfilled I was. I was a classic high achiever, ambitious, driven and always striving for the next thing. Because of this, my work life balance suffered, my relationships suffered and things got worse and worse.

It was only after a huge life changing event that everything came to a head and I was forced to make a change. I had a disastrous return to work after the birth of my daughter and I was signed off with depression and anxiety and I had been put on medication.

I didn’t know which way to go but I knew something had to change. I considered becoming a psychotherapist and looked into teaching, but as luck would have it, a random encounter in a park with another ex-BBC producer changed all of that. She had retrained as a coach and I was introduced to the idea. Up until then, I’d never heard about it, it sounded really interesting and so I put my journalist head on and researched it. I learnt that it was all about shifting someone from where they are to where they want to be, even when they don’t yet know what that is. It was about clarity, choice and change and my first session completely shifted me. I went from desperate and hopeless to thinking there was a way out, and even gave me tangible steps on how to begin doing this for myself.

This is the work I now love to bring to others as it took me from a place of hopelessness to a place of hope, and I want to do that for you, too. I don’t want anyone else to have to experience the turmoil that I went through and I strive to bring both choice and change to my clients at any stage of their life. 

My Professional Development

I’m a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and adhere to its code of ethics.  As such, I have over two thousand recorded coaching hours and I have to complete a minimum of 40 hours accredited training per renewal term.

I am a Certified Practitioner of Hogan Assessments, Certified Culture Change Consultant with the Barrett Values Centre and most recently, I have achieved Accredited Mindfulness Coach qualification.  I also have specialist knowledge from trainings in the following areas:

Neuroscience Coaching

Somatic Coaching

Organisation & Relationship Systems Coaching

Leadership Embodiment Training

Gestalt in Organisational Development

I believe in the transformative power of coaching and so I consistently have my own coach and undergo regular supervision.

My Professional Development

Organisation and relationship systems

Advanced neuroscience coaching

The Hogan Personality Inventory

360 feedback delivery

Leadership embodiment training


The world is in shutdown and your life and career are unrecognizable. Anxiety is at an all time high.

Believe it or not, now is the perfect time to reassess your future, but how do you do this when you’re living in survival mode?

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Ross Bartlett

Group Head of L&D

Sue has always delivered exceptional coaching engagements for senior staff. She was ahead of the trend for a focus on neurology and wellbeing and continues strongly in this area. I've worked with Sue in two very different sectors and she has delivered great work. I've no hesitation in recommending Sue.

Nick Kettles MA CPCC, PCC

Executive & Leadership Coach

It’s nearly ten years since Sue was my coach while I navigated CTI's certification programme. As I now approach my MCC, its still clear the work I did with her was instrumental in developing the foundations of the successful practice I have today. She challenged me fiercely with much love and compassion, to reach for a fulfilled life, believing in me more than I did at the time. She was witty, playful and yet always utterly sincere in her commitment to my success, which made each coaching session a wonderful journey of self-discovery.    

Trudy Wright CPCC

Coach & Consultant

When I met Sue I was about to start my certification and at the same time, I was approaching a massive career transition. I had a lot of conflicting feelings, I was leaving an organisation I’d been with for 21 years, and looking back I was almost burnt-out. On top of all of that, as the income generator for my family, I needed to make my new career a success as quickly as possible. Through working with Sue, I have absolutely made a success of my new freelance career as a coach and consultant, and also spend much more time with my family.  My new career in coaching has really stretched me – and the coaching with Sue has really supported me in this process. Sue has been an excellent coach for me. She’s been a great guide, teacher, champion and supporter.

Owen Jarman

Commercial Director, Costain Group PLC

Sue is a wonderful coach. I feel that working with her has had a life changing impact. She helped hugely to refocus my career, offering genuine life advice at the same time; guiding me to a place of resilience, confidence, clarity of thought, and ultimately peace of mind. Sue has a remarkable knowledge of coaching and applies an often incredibly insightful scientific basis and empathy to her approach. I believe that what sets Sue apart is that she genuinely cares about the impact she has and wants to make a difference. Sue has brought a sense of mindfulness, self -reflection and belief to my thinking that never would have existed unless we met. That’s quite something. I am really pleased and privileged to be passing on this recommendation. I cannot praise Sue highly enough.

Sarah Conway

Marketing Director

Coaching with Sue is like having a best friend who holds you to account and tells you the truth with empathy – far more than any friend really would. She is kind, and has a huge amount of empathy whist being intuitive, fun and quite rightly demanding of her clients. She helps people cross boundaries and achieve goals that they may otherwise think were impossible.  Sue really is a phenomenal coach. Insightful and thoughtful, she carefully takes the time to understand what makes you who you are to guide you to where you want to be. Her approach is focused on honesty, respect and accountability; she challenges you to look further than your established beliefs and pushes you to commit and follow through with plans and goals. She effortlessly creates an environment of trust and I’ve come away from my time working with her with clarity, purpose and a plan with tangible steps for my future. I would highly recommend her to anyone.