Always do your best – even if you’re not at 100%

Good morning. Well, this morning I’m reminded of the personal agreement.

Always do your best.

And that actually doesn’t mean what you probably think it means. It does not mean if you’re feeling low tide, exhausted, whatever to plow on through and stress yourself out and push yourself into more stress and feel more exhausted.

Actually, what it is referring to is some days like for me this morning I felt exhausted. So some days you might just be I think I’m probably about 70% of my normal energy levels. So when you are at just 70%, 60, 50%, whatever it is for you, just check and think whatever. Just do your best at that.

So don’t push them through and make yourself go hard and as much as you would if you were 100%.

So for me, that meant I slept in for an hour. Me. I slept in till seven. Yes, I did come out. I have just had my run, but that’s because I know that my run will make me feel better and will lift my energy.

So that’s why I’m out. And it has. I thought I would only be able to do about 20 minutes run. And actually, once I got going, it’s like, yes, I felt a lot better and was able to do the full run. So that’s my share for today always do your best and know that your best may not be 100%.

Sometimes it’s lower than that. And when it is lower, just take care of yourself and do your best at that level. And this is from a really great book called The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. And when I get home I will put the link to that book in the comments below because it’s a fantastic book. It’s quite a small read.

It’s four personal agreements and Always Do your best is one of them.

There’s some other great agreements in there and I think it’s a great lockdown read as well as my own book, of course. But I think it’s a great lockdown read. So that’s my share for today. Always do your best and take care of yourself out there.

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