How do you feel about asking for help?

Then the next thing you did which interests me is that you called boyfriend. Yeah, you went straight to your primary attachment person. The person that’s a person who you would call if your car broke down.

So I’m asking you all now to think about this. Who would you call in a crisis in the drama in anything? And if that’s your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your mom, your dad, anybody, that’s who that’s your primary attachment object is.

Yeah, and the interesting thing about that, when you say that is a lot of my clients will not ask for help will not reach out. And this is certainly my story because we know there’s a certain personality type, you know, type a’s these high achievers that need to be and it’s perfectionism. Impostor syndrome-related.

If you need to be right and sorted all the time, you’re less likely, to reach out. So that kind of I’m feeling scared I’m in a supermarket and feeling wobbly.

Please help.

I cannot happen for some people, some people, so I absolutely and I’ve had to learn that yeah, so I would say it’s a really big thing to look out for that during this time the big thing I’m saying to a lot of clients, a lot of people I’m talking to is to reach out and ask for help.

Wow. So that’s like learning a whole skill set that we didn’t have access before until we’re suddenly panicking in the supermarket or its equivalent and yeah, so I hope people that are listening to this and watching this are going to remember it when the time comes.

When you’re panicking in the supermarket, who can you ask? And if we think about that stuff now, while we’re feeling calm, I’m assuming people are listening to this or watching this when they’re feeling calm.

Who is it that you would call who’s the safest person that you could go to in an emergency? So yours was your boyfriend and he was able to, give you some facts and figures and bring you back to now, wasn’t he? He was like get dried fruit, get flour, get pasta if you can get anything that’s in a jar or a can. Like seriously so he made you some really achievable little tiny bite-sized tasks, didn’t he?

Yeah, what’s key about that when I think back to it is the great thing to do around fear when to come out of it is going okay? Worst case scenario or like that is what can I do?

What would you do?

Yeah, you know? Actually, what can I do? So another thing that I’ve had in the past week is I’m asthmatic, so I was really freaked out.

And even as I talk about it, I go get a little bit of asthma so I actually went to okay, if I have an asthma attack, what do I do?

What are the facts? So I researched it. I went onto the asthma organisation. It is like ok I do this and I do this. So that’s another really great thing to do is to imagine the worst.

Okay, but then imagine worst. Okay, what will I do? And have an action plan in place. Have something in place at least yeah, yeah. Then what could you do? Maybe to prevent that in the first place. So now I’ve got all of my inhalers out. I know where they are. I’ve got them everywhere.

And also then if it does happen, how did I sort it out?


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