Busting Imposter Syndrome

Busting Imposter Syndrome

Are you someone who wants to be out there doing things, making a difference? Do you want to start stepping out of your comfort zone? Is abject fear holding you back? Perhaps you feel like a fraud, like you are about to get found out. This article will explore what imposter syndrome is, what it isn’t, as well as why…

Executive Coaching London Testimonial – Sue Belton

Executive coaching london Working with Sue is powerful, demanding, fast, and enjoyable.  When I started working with Sue I had recently been appointed member of the board, with a new team of direct reports, and difficult challenges in terms of business. The coaching was particularly efficient at dealing with these challenges and lead to significant improvements in my leadership. Sue…


Email me: sue@suebelton.com
**I am currently working both remotely and face-to-face in Central London. We can discuss which would be most suitable and relevant to you and/or your organisation needs.


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