Co-Active Coaching and Mentoring

Live your purpose and build a lucrative business

Co-Active Coaching & mentoring

Live your purpose + build a lucrative business


Are you a CTI coach who I can take through Certification – accelerating your learning, and growing your business at the same time?

Do you want to work with high performing, high paying clients?

Do you want to leave your full time job and coach full time?

Do you want to become a successful corporate coach?

Do you want to build your business and make more money?

Are you looking for a new coach who brings energy, efficiency, and motivation to your own life and practice?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions
then you’re in the right place.


Formerly a Producer and Director for the BBC’s world renowned Documentary Department, I come from a high pressure corporate background where ideas, leadership, delivery and resilience are key.  I was a master at doing, achieving, and had a great career, making fascinating programmes.

My coaching ‘journey’ started after having my daughter Amelie, a disastrous return to work, and a protracted maternity leave.  I had always been fascinated by people and their motivations, that’s why I’d done the work I had, and I initially looked into training to be a psychotherapist.  But after a chance encounter with another former BBC Producer-turned-coach and weeks of research into training schools, I finally found CTI.

I had found a coaching model that addressed the whole of me and other people – the extremely undeveloped Co (Being) part of me, as well as the rather over-developed Active (doing part) of me, and so many of the people I knew.  And it’s this dual coaching action that makes the Co-Active model so much deeper and more effective than others.

I’d also (unbeknown to me at the time!) found a profession that would dramatically change my life, and have me fully living out my Life Purpose: to show people there is a different way to live, that they do have a choice.

To find out more about my purpose and why I think it’s so important here’s a recent clip taken from my ‘What’s Your Why’ corporate workshop, interviewed by Graham Kemp, Director, Marketing Agencies Action Group (MAAG)



Because of my own experiences, I love working with other Co-Active Coaches – to deepen their learning, build their businesses, and walk their talk.  I believe the more successful Co-Active coaches out there in the world the better – and it’s who we are being as well as what we are doing that will make the difference – both to us and our clients.

I work with CTI Coaches who want to master the art of Co-Active Coaching, coaches who take what they do seriously, and who want to build successful profitable businesses. Because I am known for this, I lead CTI’s monthly mentoring call The Business of Coaching. You can watch some of these on: Social Media; Sample Sessions; Pricing, as well as a general Business Q&A, via CTI’s Alumni Leaning Lab.

If you want to deepen your learning and build a successful coaching practice, get in touch for a complimentary consultation.



Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, CTI

Professional Certified Coach (PCC), ICF

Member, ICF

Organisation and Relationship Systems Coach Training

Advanced Neuroscience Coach Training

Leadership Embodiment Training

Relationship Agility, CTI

Graduate, CTI  Leadership Programme

My background & Training

Corporate Business Developer UK & Europe, CTI

London Ambassador, CTI

UK Local Groups Leader, CTI

Trustee, Spark Inside – a pioneering organisation providing coaching to young people leaving prison

Postgraduate Diploma,  Broadcast Journalism

HND Media Production & Business Studies

Corporate Business Developer UK & Europe, CTI

London Ambassador, CTI

UK Local Groups Leader, CTI

Trustee, Spark Inside – a pioneering organisation providing coaching to young people leaving prison

HND Media Production & Business Studies

I believe in the transformative power of coaching and so consistently have my own coach and undergo regular supervision


Whether you are going through Certification or building your practice, with me you will get:

1 Clear on your niche

2Efficient business methods

3 MORE clients

4   High paying, high performing clients

5   Tools to become a successful corporate coach

6  Sample session tips and structure

Nick Kettles MA CPCC, PCC

Executive & Leadership Coach

It’s nearly ten years since Sue was my coach while I navigated CTI's certification programme. As I now approach my MCC, its still clear the work I did with her was instrumental in developing the foundations of the successful practice I have today. She challenged me fiercely with much love and compassion, to reach for a fulfilled life, believing in me more than I did at the time. She was witty, playful and yet always utterly sincere in her commitment to my success, which made each coaching session a wonderful journey of self-discovery.    

Stacey Back

Career Coach & Founder, Profile Careers

 I worked with Sue as I transitioned my existing consulting business and launched my coaching practice in 2018.  I was immediately impressed by Sue’s professionalism and her practical, process-driven and highly strategic approach to coaching. I was also inspired by her success as a businesswoman and fellow professional coach. Sue is pragmatic, honest and good fun to work with! She was direct and always challenged me to step outside my comfort zone. The knowledge and experience that Sue shared was instrumental in helping me set the foundations for the success of my new business. Coaching with Sue was worth every penny and I can’t recommend her highly enough. If you’re ready to make major, permanent changes in your business, career or life, Sue is the coach for you! 

Trudy Wright CPCC

Coach & Consultant

When I met Sue I was about to start my certification and at the same time, I was approaching a massive career transition. I had a lot of conflicting feelings, I was leaving an organisation I’d been with for 21 years, and looking back I was almost burnt-out. On top of all of that, as the income generator for my family, I needed to make my new career a success as quickly as possible. Through working with Sue, I have absolutely made a success of my new freelance career as a coach and consultant, and also spend much more time with my family.  My new career in coaching has really stretched me – and the coaching with Sue has really supported me in this process. Sue has been an excellent coach for me. She’s been a great guide, teacher, champion and supporter.

Nancy Wilde CPCC

Entrepreneur Coach

Working with Sue has helped me grow and learn as a Co-Active coach enormously – Sue has demonstrated and explained all of the CTI principles with clarity and transparency. She has helped me understand my saboteurs, my life purpose which was still unclear even after core curriculum, and connect me to my strengths. She has helped me with clients to serve them best. Sue is worth every penny – she is informative, brilliant, supportive, extremely knowledgeable about CTI, holds you accountable to your goals, will help you develop your business such that you will reap the benefits financially.

Henrietta Szovati CPCC

Henrietta Szovati, CPCC

Sue demonstrates an incredible rigour in using the Co-Active model without failure. Her sharpness, creativity and raw power is poignant. Coaching with Sue really sharpened my understanding of what I want, and how I want it. She helped me identify my core skills, qualities and essence.  She also held me, and challenged me tremendously to get courageous, while also giving me ample space, clarity and openness to dream and create my plans.  I learnt from her how to use presence and voice as a powerful coaching tool, amongst many other tools.  I increased my clients by 70% and raised my fees twice while working with Sue.  I have also learnt about structure, holding the client’s agenda 100%, and being totally gutsy.  Sue herself  is gutsy, playful, creative and disciplined.  If you’re a Co-Active coach Sue is your best bet! Blog:

Esmeralda Garcia

Leadership Coach - Empowering Coaching

Before I started working with Sue, I saw things and dreams as difficult and uncertain. I felt so doubtful. My initial goals with Sue included getting two corporate clients during certification – but through working with her I have signed up many more than that! I also now have a clear road map, direction, and connection with my purpose. I now have more self-belief and I check-in and manage my saboteurs when they show up. I am also kinder to myself and take good care of myself. I have learnt that we cannot pour from an empty cup and that WE ARE ALL WORK IN PROGRESS 🙂 Working with Sue is a mix of coaching, accountability, lots of determination, tenacity and hard work. As a coach and mentor, I would highlight Sue’s boldness, courage and transparency. I also admire her non-attachment to the results, her authenticity and her determination. I highly recommend Sue to any coach who is looking for serious business development and/or certification coaching and mentoring.


If you want to deepen your learning of the Co-Active model while building a successful, profitable businesses, get in touch for a complimentary consultation using the contact form below. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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