What’s really important to you?

Discover your values


What’s really important to you?

Seriously, just stop and think for a moment because most of the time we’re just so busy getting through our day.

We’re all so busy rushing through all of the things that need to be solved….. All of our problems.

The problems of our teams. Other people’s problems!…

We’re so busy getting through our ‘to-do list’ life can become one big to-do list!…

We don’t stop and wonder, and think – why are we doing it all?

Because when we are (often) living a life that is contrary to our values because we don’t know them, that can easily lead to an internal sense of things not feeling right.

Things just feel ‘off’. We know it as ‘dissonance’.

Conversely, when you do know what’s important to you when you do know what makes you tick, what you care about – you have an internal sense of ‘rightness’.

I identified my values 14 years ago when I was training to become a coach, and recently I had to check in with them because, I amongst the stresses and upheaval of lockdown and what’s happening out there in the world, I’d lost sight of what was truly important to me.

The current situation had made me lose sight of one of my core values – time with my family, especially quality time just being with, and spending time with my teenage daughter Amelie.

Values act as an internal compass point, especially through times that are stressful.

So if you’ve been dishonouring your values for a long time now (easily done – they don’t teach this stuff in school), then you may be experiencing this sense of ‘not-rightness’ or even anxiety.

That’s how it’s usually showing up in my clients when they come to see me – they’ve often felt like that for typically two years or more, and it’s how it was showing up in me many years ago.

Gone unchecked, not living a life according to your values can even lead to depression and physical illness – multiple studies have made the link.

So if you’re a leader and you’re on that leadership trajectory, you maybe lose sight of why you’re doing it all, you don’t know why you’re getting up in the morning ….. or if lockdown has made you reevaluate what you do, and don’t want for your life moving forward, then you can *get hold of my values clarification exercise right now for free and start getting clear about what yours are, and how to practically start living them.

You can download it below as part of chapter one of my book “change your life in 5”. Within the chapter CLARIFY you’ll also find more information on why we all get to this point (why we all are unwittingly living a life dishonouring our values).

You’ll get the psychology theory, you’ll also get the brain science theory on what’s going on in your brain, and you’ll get the practical exercises to start clarifying what you do want, what you don’t want in your life moving forward.

Download now for free

Wishing you a rich, fulfilling life out there,


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