Catch-Up Special: Have Tim and Sarah mastered a higher level of self-confidence and decision-making?

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Welcome to Change Makers, the podcast brought to you by me with co-host Lisa Sharps.

What you’re about to hear is an unscripted, in-the-moment coaching session with a real person who feels stuck or unfulfilled in their life and wants to change, but they don’t know how.

In this follow-up episode, we catch up with two former guests to find out what changes they have made to their life since their first session with me.

In this episode we hear from Tim, a high performer in his career but someone who was really struggling with self-confidence. This inhibiting internal battle leads to Tim consciously – and subconsciously – holding himself back which he knows is reducing his opportunities to live life more fully.

We also check back in with Sarah who was really struggling with knowing what move she needs to make next in her life. With a recent change in life circumstances, Sarah is looking to really sink her teeth into a project as she has long felt that she is a “Jack of all trades and a master of none”, which leads to a feeling of not being able to meaningfully contribute.

So what has changed for Tim and Sarah? Join us in this final episode of the series to find out.

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In this show I talk to my guests in a one-to-one unscripted coaching session while my co-host Lisa Sharp, listens in, expertly pausing the conversation at key moments to quiz me on the coaching methods and techniques that she is using – all to help create a successful outcome for these goal-driven coachees who want more out of life.

If you have ever wondered what actually happens in a live coaching session with an experienced, qualified and accredited professional leadership and life coach, then this is the show for you.

This podcast will help you to dare to dream, destroy your demons and design a new life.

It definitely works, it’s made me feel more empowered

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