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EQ Leadership Formula Group Programme Case Study:

Fast-Paced, High-Growth Technology Company, 9 Locations Across 5 Countries.

Context: Hired by VP to work with her and her team of nine managers to bring humanity into their workplace – both internally, and to stand out and shine externally as experts in AI and EQ. Presenting problems – interactions that were too transactional especially with their clients, not willing to push back, say no or have difficult conversations, not being caring enough when dealing with clients, resentments from unresolved issues.

Specific needs included:

Have more empathy and compassion in their interactions

Confidently express needs and deal with difficult conversations

Be more self-aware, and maintain composure under stress to have a different response


Emotional Intelligence Leadership Formula Programme. Eight modules across the 4 quadrants of EQ, delivered virtually over 16 weeks. A blend of theory, experiential, reflection and pragmatism to address all 4 learning styles, and neuroscience to embed the learning. Worksheets, ‘practice’ challenges and accountability partners in between each module for immediate workplace application.


89% of participants felt the training was relevant to their needs. Sue and Anne were referred to VP in another affiliate location. Increases in post programme survey across key indicators*:

Feedback included:

“Difficult conversations was my favorite [module], useful takeaways for structuring difficult conversations”

“Getting to know each other on the team on a deeper level”

“Interaction with colleagues in a set form where we were allowed to see each other in a new light”

“ Breakout sessions were intense in a good way”

* Indicators defined in conjunction with the organization, the rating was top 2 box extremely and highly effective

The Conscious Leader Programme Case Study:

Craig Message, Deputy Commercial Director, Costain Group PLC

On commencement of coaching with Sue, I was a Commercial Manager who led a team of two others and had relatively little previous experience of major project leadership.


However, I strongly believed that I had the capability and capacity to expand my role further and was due to succeed the outgoing Deputy Commercial Director.


My coaching objectives were:


– Improved authority to delegate;
– Be able to define what type of leader I want to be
– Develop ‘big leadership’ – influence, turning mission to strategy and creating space & time.


Given my previous experience or lack thereof, these objectives were focused on accelerating my development as a leader, and covering a broad range of key competencies in doing so.


Sue supported my professional development at this critical time through intuitive coaching and focus on my career. She enabled me to develop much clearer thinking around:


– The qualities I want to exhibit as a leader
– Visualising how I move forward
– Purposefully establishing new working relationships
– Identifying my limiting beliefs
– Bringing perspective
– Identifying interdependent relationships
– Improving team culture & engagement


Ultimately, this supported my clarity of thought and ability to progressively adapt and manage the stresses of such a role change.


By working with Sue, I have progressed significantly in a short amount of time. The transition I have just made is the most significant in my career from a personal impact perspective – moving from ‘doing’ to ‘reviewing’, leading a team of 30+ professionals and re-establishing working relationships, to name but a few major changes whilst a £1bn construction project relentlessly moves on.


Whilst a simplification, working with Sue has helped me believe that I ‘belong’ in this leap of my career.


Sue is a very authentic, intuitive, empathetic, and genuinely caring coach who had my development at the core of every conversation – this meant that there was only ever learning to be had from any observed matter or behaviour, which I now fully appreciate to have been crucial given the changes I was going through.


Through Sue’s style, this enabled me to make the most significant transition in my career in an accelerated manner, with an ongoing platform and purpose for continued progression.

Life By Design Case Study:

Julia Mavrodin, Chief Growth Officer, Present Life Inc.

I approached coaching with Sue to get more rigorous and committed to what I truly wanted to do. I have always been quite successful professionally, but knew deep down that I wasn’t doing and achieving on my terms while charting out my own path.


I started by developing my values and subsequently a clearer way to assess opportunities presented to me. This way I could more rationally approach opportunities and next steps and make sure it was true to “me”.


Through working with Sue, I’m much more aware of why and where I’m going, and I find that I’m truly holding myself more accountable ^ owning what I truly want to do. I’ve also learned to not be too self-critical about my journey to get there.  I realize now that it’s generally a façade from people who seem to “have it together.”


It’s ok to feel uncomfortable because that’s all part of a process of working through and your body/mind’s way of showing you the right path forward.


I now continue to hold my values and end vision for myself in check. I consistently look at how something is serving me in the moment – not doing things to make others happy. I now realize that by being true to me, I’m also being my best self for others (family, friends, etc).


Sue is the right mix of career coach and actual therapist to decipher why we do things and help us work through a process to get out of that cycle.


Sue is the best kind of coach. Pushing you to get what you need out of yourself – reinforcing that she knows you, and encouraging you along the way.

The Successful Coach Case Study:

Madeleine Geach, Leadership Coach And Head Of Culture, Hawksmoor

Sue is amazing. She is a highly skilled, highly experienced coach and I am so pleased I chose her as my mentor coach as I launched my own coaching practice.


After just a couple of sessions I had felt a big shift – the work and results kicked in straight away.


She is an empathetic listener with a direct, no-nonsense way of talking and injects warmth and humour into things.


So coaching sessions are hard work (the kind of hard work that leads to change) but the work is enjoyable not painful.


She is also a brilliant business mentor – full of practical, clear advice on setting up a solo business. 6 months later I am earning a decent living from doing something I love and a lot of this is down to the work I did with Sue.


My goals at the start of our programme were to:


– build a 1 day a week coaching business.
– have clients on 2 month programmes paying me at a sustainable rate (4 times my original pricing) and to have in-roads into corporate clients.
– having a more clearly defined 4 day a week job with improved boundaries, allowing me time to build my coaching business and spend time with my family .
-have more confidence in my ability to run a freelance business.


I’ve hit this all and more – and now have a successful freelance coaching practice that helps me earn a living. The biggest shift has been in my self-worth and this has given me such a sense of purpose for what I can bring my own clients.


As a result, I’ve found real contentment in my personal life. So, Sue comes highly recommended and I am sure I will be back for more when I need it again.

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Madeleine Geach Leadership coach

Sue is amazing. She is a highly skilled, highly experienced coach and I am so pleased I chose her as my mentor coach as I launched my own coaching practice. After our very first session together I had already felt a big shift and the results kept coming. Sue is an empathetic listener with a direct, no-nonsense way of talking and injects warmth and humour into things. So coaching sessions are hard work (the kind of hard work that leads to real change) but the work is enjoyable not painful.

She is also a brilliant business mentor – full of practical, clear advice on setting up a solo business. 6 months later I am earning a decent living from doing something I love and a lot of this is down to the work I did with Sue. So, highly recommended and I am sure I will be back for more when I need it again.

Madeleine Geach Leadership coach

Davide Aldrovandi

Sue is just amazing.

I am so grateful for her CTI Business of Coaching session, where I had the opportunity to learn from an incredible mentor and coach. She is so knowledgeable, pragmatic and fierce. And also reassuring, empowering and supporting.

My coaching skyrocketed thanks what I’ve learned from her and from using some of the structures she uses in her coaching practice and so kindly shared. They are really powerful!

I recommend working with Sue wholeheartedly.

Davide Aldrovandi

Stacey Back

I’ve worked with Sue throughout my 6 month certification program with CTI, to gain my first accreditation as a professional coach. She also supported me as I transitioned my existing consulting business and launched my coaching practice in 2018.

I was immediately impressed by Sue’s professionalism and her practical, process-driven and highly strategic approach to coaching. This was vitally important for me and in alignment with how I work. I was also inspired by her success as a businesswoman and fellow professional coach.

As a coach, Sue is pragmatic, honest and good fun to work with! She was direct and always challenged me to step outside my comfort zone. This was balanced with plenty of championing and support as I worked towards my goals. The knowledge and experience that Sue shared was instrumental in helping me set the foundations for the success of my new business.

Coaching with Sue was worth every penny and I can’t recommend her highly enough. If you’re ready to make major, permanent changes in your business, career or life, Sue is the coach for you!

Stacey Back

Alex Atherton

Sue supported me in making a significant career transition. I had a lot of experience in running large and complex organisations, but did not want everything else that went with that kind of job for some time. Sue helped me reposition myself, realise what was transferable and how it might be pitched to others. This was packaged it all within a new ‘modus operandi’ for living. Principally it was coaching, but that also included being held to account when there was a risk of going back to the familiar, or in doing something out of step with the values and ideals established with her guidance.

I’m now six months into a portfolio life, working across a range of clients and also now aiming to go beyond my previous areas of expertise. I am now much more in control over how I spend my time, and have a balance which has rarely been achieved for far too many years.

Recommend her very strongly!

Alex Atherton

Pooja L. Dhiman

Sue is a masterful and life-changing coach. She models what it is to be a woman truly living from purpose and as a client of Sue’s, I found that extremely inspiring. She has supported me to do the same for myself. Sue is living and modelling that which she is coaching all clients to do – as any coach should. She has challenged me where necessary and supported and championed my achievements along the way when I made progress. In less than a year, Sue has helped me figure out my life purpose and create a life of meaning. I would highly, highly recommend working with Sue.

Pooja L. Dhiman

Nick Kettles MA, CPCC, MCC Executive Coach and Facilitator

Sue was my coach for six months during 2011 while I navigated CTI’s certification program seeking my first accreditation as a coach. The work I did with her was instrumental in developing the foundation of the successful practice I have today. She challenges you fiercely with much love and compassion to reach for a fulfilled life, often believing in you more than you do in yourself. She is fun, witty, and playful too, which makes each coaching session a wonderful journey of Self discovery.

Nick Kettles MA, CPCC, MCC Executive Coach and Facilitator

Rebecca Fowler

Sue is an incredibly astute, insightful & pragmatic coach. I could easily connect with her approach of viewing me as a whole, realising that who I am in my personal life directly affects who I am in the business context. She is warm and welcoming, which allowed me to trust her to help me work through blockers that were inhibiting aspects of my development. Within three months, I gained new skills to deal with challenging situations on my own terms. Her work is as deep and meaningful as you allow it to be. I highly recommend Sue for individuals and companies alike.

Rebecca Fowler

Sue has a remarkable grasp of understanding others’ most abstract concepts and thoughts. Sue is able to open your mind, accompanying you all the while, leaving you with firm goals for the future. If you are looking for any type of coaching, don’t waste your time looking anywhere else!

Leora Borgenicht

Sarah Conway

Sue really is a phenomenal coach.
Insightful and thoughtful, she carefully takes the time to understand what makes you who you are so that she is in the perfect position to guide you to where you want to be.

Her approach is focused on honesty, respect and accountability; she challenges you to look further than your established beliefs and she pushes you to commit and follow through with any plans or goals you make.
Sue is friendly and approachable; I found working with her to be thoroughly enjoyable. She effortlessly creates an environment of trust and I’ve come away from my time working with her with clarity, purpose and a plan with tangible steps for my future. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Sarah Conway

Sophie Brown (ACA)

Sue’s want and desire to really help the people she is working with shines though and really makes a difference. Coaching with Sue is like having a best friend who holds you to account and tells you the truth with empathy – far more than any friend really would. She is kind, and has a huge amount of empathy whist being intuitive, fun and quite rightly demanding of her clients.

She is good at connecting and having a strong rapport with a wide cross section of people including business leaders and founders. She helps people cross boundaries and achieve goals that they may otherwise think were impossible.

Sophie Brown (ACA)

Odharnait Ansbro

Sue was a fantastic coach. I was six minutes late to our first session. Her first questions to me were “What stopped you getting her on time today?” and “What does that cost you in your life?”. I knew straight away that this was someone who would give me candid feedback and ask hard and, at times, uncomfortable questions when needed. She was also able to do this, while remaining incredibly kind and supportive. Through my sessions with her, I uncovered the things that are really important to me and identified old beliefs and ideas that were holding me back from pursuing them. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Odharnait Ansbro

Mike Shawcross

Sue was a huge help to me when I reached a point where I was struggling to balance work, family and overall stress. She helped me approach these problems from a completely different perspective than I’d ever thought of myself and soon I was seeing a route out of my deep rut. She helped me trust my own values and judgement which resulted in me leaving London, changing job, reducing my stress and having more time to spend with my family and myself. From someone who would have previously snubbed the idea of seeking such help, I now can’t recommend it enough. I would highly recommend Sue to anyone facing similar problems and just wish I’d found her sooner.

Mike Shawcross

Trenton Moss

Sue is a brilliant coach that will relentlessly hold you to account in everything you do. I’ve really enjoyed my time with her and recommend that you too get some Sue in your life.

Trenton Moss

Katie Lewis

Sue is incredible and has had a dramatic impact on my life – professionally and personally! Few things Sue does that were especially impactful:
– She helped me clearly articulate and write down long term goals.
– She helped me outline short term, achievable ways of meeting these goals.
– She taught me ways to be consistently forward thinking
– She taught me exercises to deal with anxiety or doubt “real time”
– She gave me tools that enabled me to better coach a team and grow them as leaders
– She helped me feel more in control of my day (aka life) and celebrate successes

I’ve worked with her for a few years now, and she consistently helps me look at things differently.

Katie Lewis

Ross Bartlett FLPI, Assoc CIPD

Sue has always delivered exceptional coaching engagements for senior staff. She was ahead of the trend for a focus on neurology and wellbeing and continues strongly in this area. I’ve worked with Sue in two very different sectors and she has delivered great work. I’ve no hesitation in recommending Sue.

Ross Bartlett FLPI, Assoc CIPD

Rianna Kate

It was an absolute pleasure to find and work with Sue as part of our virtual corporate wellness programme. She is an expert in her field and was great at getting people to interact and open up about their struggles, which isn’t always easy using the medium of a webinar!

During this time community is one of the key things we are missing, especially having moved our work out of an office space and into our homes. Sue was able to provide this feeling and bring people together to share their experiences whilst providing important tips for protecting our mental health and not overworking the brain. The corporate grind & timetable can be incredibly damaging to our brain health so being able to connect our clients with people like Sue is vital to keep mental health front & centre in the workplace.

Rianna Kate

Malvina EL-Sayegh

I had the absolute pleasure and honor to host Sue Belton on the #stayhuman podcast where we dived into her fantastic book “Change Your Life in 5”. She was an engaging and thought provoking guest and the feedback from the episode with her was spectacular. She shares her knowledge and expertise with such ease and truly makes you feel like you have known her all your life. Since the podcast with Sue I have been using her book as a “guide” and I hope our paths will once more cross in the future

Malvina EL-Sayegh

Olivia Rzepczynski Clasper

Sue has been a trusted advisor to me for the past 5 years, helping me navigate a career change as well as many life changes. Her work is underpinned by neurological science that she then translates into practical exercises that make answers to your toughest questions very clear. And while you may get there with a bit of help and guidance from Sue, she does it in a way that you feel complete control and ownership over. These exercises also manifest in small daily actions and reminders that keep you on track. I’m very lucky to have Sue in my life and highly encourage you to get in touch with her if you are facing any big life questions and want a professional, scientific and wholehearted companion to help you through them

Olivia Rzepczynski Clasper

Andrew Thomas

I’ve really enjoyed working with Sue. An extremely positive lady who has an infectious style for just getting things done. A classic example of this was her adoption of the current Zoom technology to create break out rooms in a recent coaching workshop she and Anne ran for our executive management team.

We all enjoyed the buzz and anticipation not knowing who we were going to be paired with for the exercises and as if by magic Sue appeared as an extra coach to give us feedback and pointers for improvement. A great use of technology to make a difference

Andrew Thomas

Nicola Smith

Sue is a leader in her field and has a high degree of professionalism when conducting meetings and trainings. She managed to bring out the best in the team especially with on the spot coaching during sessions.

It comes naturally to her and that is reflected in her work. I would recommend Sue as a coach and a trainer to any individual or company for larger group sessions, she can adapt easily and accommodates your needs.

Nicola Smith


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**I am currently working both remotely and face-to-face in Central London. We can discuss which would be most suitable and relevant to you and/or your organisation needs.


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