Leadership Coaching

What could you achieve if
you were a conscious leader?

As a Conscious Leader you’ll be self-aware and honest, leading in congruence with who you are and what you stand for. With high emotional intelligence and strong systems intelligence, you’ll effectively navigate all stakeholder relationships, across generations and cultures.

You’ll be clear on your purpose, your Why, and will bringing this to work, to fully contribute and make a positive impact on your team, your organisation and the world around you.

This is the executive coaching programme for you if you’re a:

Leader: take your skills to the next level

  • Do you want to make more of an impact, and leave a legacy, but you don’t know how?
  • Would you like to be more visionary and strategic, but don’t have the time or space to make it happen right now?
  • Could you do with greater resilience, especially in times of ambiguity or chronic stress?  

HR Director: empower your employees

  • Do you want to invest in high-potential leaders, so they can inspire others and positively impact your organisation?
  • Would you like to support leaders who need to address key performance challenges?
  • Could you do with some expert help transitioning leaders into key leadership roles?

Founder: step back, step up

  • Do you have limiting beliefs that are holding you back from building on your success to reach the next phase of your leadership life?
  • Would you like to have more impact, but less time actually working, now your business is up and running?
  • Could you do with extra passion and purpose so you can contribute more to the world?


Becoming a Conscious Leader is the very best investment you can make in your ongoing development.

You’ll learn authentic leadership skills for life, as you work in harmony with yourself, your organisation and the wider world for the good of all.

It’s time for you to learn, grow and inspire other people.

Be brave.

Build on your success.

It’s time for you to learn, grow and inspire other people.

Be who you are meant to be.




Being a Conscious Leader and leading with integrity has many benefits. You’ll have:

  • full awareness of your personal values, qualities, strengths and weaknesses
  • enhanced self-management and self-mastery skills, for maximum resilience in challenging times
  • a greater ability to tap into your innate intuition, creativity and innovation skills


People you work with will feel the powerful insight you bring to leadership as you:

  • confidently inspire, engage and collaborate across generations and the globe
  • seamlessly navigate organisational relationships and cultures
  • effortlessly engender increased levels of trust and collaboration between teams, making you all stronger


You’ll have an increased impact on the wider world, thanks to your:

  • clear sense of personal purpose and responsibility
  • strategic, positive actions and contribution at work and beyond
  • influence and legacy within your industry; as you stand out for what you stand for and contribute to the world at large


The Conscious Leader Programme is a one-to-one executive coaching programme which will have a profound impact on the way you live, work and lead.

Before the programme starts

Before you begin your Conscious Leader Programme, I’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire.

The next stage is a 90-minute Chemistry session where we’ll review your questionnaire answers and discuss the key leadership challenges you’re facing, what specifically you’d like to get from your programme, and what sort of leadership impact you’d like to have.

Let’s go!

If after this session we feel we are a good fit to work together, we will then move into the programme. This typically involves three elements and tends to take around six months.

Element 01: Objective setting // You, me and your sponsor if relevant

your recent 360◦ assessments, and other assessments if available. If not, I’ll take you through a 360◦ or Hogan assessment.

Together with your sponsor (if appropriate) we’ll ensure that your objectives tackle the developmental areas which will have the greatest impact on your performance.  

Element 02: Conscious Leader Coaching // You and me, 1:1

Once we’ve pinned down your objectives, we’ll start your coaching.  Usually, this will be 1 x 2-hour session per month.  If this doesn’t suit your working patterns, we can discuss an alternative.  Coaching takes places either face to face, virtually via Zoom or Skype, or a mixture of the two; whatever works for you.  I offer email support between sessions.

In the six months we are working together I will also make myself available for laser coaching on specific important events and issues.  With me on your side, you’ll be unstoppable.

Element 03:  Evaluation // You, me and your sponsor if relevant

After three months we’ll evaluate your progress.  After six months, we’ll run a 360◦ assessment for a more objective view on how far you’ve come, and to ascertain any areas which may require additional work.

What could you achieve if you were a Conscious Leader?

Anything you want to.

Katie Lewis

Regional Director, Transperfect

Sue is incredible and has had a dramatic impact on my life – professionally and personally! She helped me to clearly articulate and write down long term goals and achievable ways of meeting them. She taught me exercises to deal with anxiety or doubt and tools which enabled me to better coach a team and grow them as leaders. She helped me feel more in control of my day (aka life) and celebrate successes. I’ve worked with her for a few years now, and she consistently helps me look at things differently.

Rodolphe Plouvier

Head of Distribution, Generali

Working with Sue is powerful, demanding, fast, and enjoyable.   When I started working with Sue I had recently been appointed member of the board, with a new team of direct reports, and difficult challenges in terms of business. The coaching was particularly efficient at dealing with these challenges, and lead to significant improvements in my leadership. Sue is really adaptive. She is easy to work with and at the same time stretched and challenged me to my limits.  The coaching felt very “safe” and was extremely rich in terms of approaches, methodologies and concepts. It is a real gift if you are committed to developing and improving your leadership skills and behaviours.

Maria Melton

Project Director, Costain Group PLC

I wanted to make a change in the way I operated and engaged with the wider team, to make a difference, prepare for changes and be ready to deal with potential difficult times ahead. Sue taught me mindfulness techniques that have been so helpful to deal with any anxiety I may have ahead of confronting a situation.She gave me the confidence to stand up for myself and to take the lead. Sue is very encouraging and more importantly non judgemental. She is very wise, has lots of tools and techniques that can be applied. She also has a great skill to be able to ask the right questions that make you probe yourself. Somehow allowing those “lightbulb” moments come to the surface. I feel there has been a real connection when I’ve finally figured something out about myself and I’ve said it out loud to Sue.

Ross Bartlett

Group Development Manager, Costain Group PLC

Sue has always delivered exceptional coaching engagements for senior staff. She was ahead of the trend for a focus on neurology and wellbeing and continues strongly in this area. I've worked with Sue in two very different sectors and she has delivered great work. I've no hesitation in recommending Sue.

Trenton Moss

Managing Partner, Inviqa

Sue is a brilliant coach that will relentlessly hold you to account in everything you do. I’ve really enjoyed my time with her and recommend that you too get some Sue in your life.

Stephen Morgan

Co-Founder, Squiz

Sue has been an incredible consultant for me and for Squiz. She has helped me and the business to cut to the core of issues, understand why they were happening and resolve them in a positive way. Sue is an exceptional person to work with.

Owen Jarman

Commercial Director, Costain Group PLC

Sue is a wonderful coach. I feel that working with her has had a life changing impact. She helped hugely to refocus my career, offering genuine life advice at the same time; guiding me to a place of resilience, confidence, clarity of thought, and ultimately peace of mind. Sue has a remarkable knowledge of coaching and applies an often incredibly insightful scientific basis and empathy to her approach. I believe that what sets Sue apart is that she genuinely cares about the impact she has and wants to make a difference. Sue has brought a sense of mindfulness, self -reflection and belief to my thinking that never would have existed unless we met. That’s quite something. I am really pleased and privileged to be passing on this recommendation. I cannot praise Sue highly enough.

Rebecca Fowler

Co-Founder, Haus of Nomads

Sue is an incredibly astute, insightful & pragmatic coach. I could easily connect with her approach of viewing me as a whole, realising that who I am in my personal life directly affects who I am in the business context. She is warm and welcoming, which allowed me to trust her to help me work through blockers that were inhibiting aspects of my development. Within three months, I gained new skills to deal with challenging situations on my own terms. Her work is as deep and meaningful as you allow it to be. I highly recommend Sue for individuals and companies alike.

To find out more on what The Conscious Leader Programme can do for you or your employees, please get in touch to arrange an initial conversation.