Executive Coaching

Increase your resilience, influence and impact + stand out for what you stand for


Increase your resilience, influence and impact + stand out for what you stand for

Working with Sue is powerful, demanding, fast, and enjoyable.

Rodolphe Plouvier
Executive Committee member of Generali France in charge of Distribution


You’re performing well, you’re ambitious and driven, you want challenging, objective support to reach your full potential

You have been identified as a ‘high-potential’ and need to develop a couple of leadership skills and qualities to take you to the next level.

Your role demands so much of you, that you’re struggling to take the time and space to be more visionary and strategic

You understand the need to develop your emotional intelligence – your ability to understand and manage emotions in the workplace

You’re very successful, good at what you do, but have lost your sense of purpose – you want more of an impact, to make more of a contribution, but you don’t yet know what that is.

Founders and Entrepreneurs

You’re successful, extremely driven, and want an objective ear and challenging support to help you clarify and transition to this next phase in your life & work

You’ve built and created your own business and are now ready for the next phase of your working life.

You have either sold or are about to, and need to get your senior management team in order.

You want to move on and create something else – you just don’t know what (yet).

You have a couple of blocks or potential blind-spots that are holding you back.

You want to slow down and spend more time with your family.

You’ve lost your sense of passion and purpose and don’t know why.

You are ready to have more of an impact and make more of a contribution in the world.

HR Directors

You have high-potential Leaders who you want to invest in.

You have Leaders who need support transitioning into a new key roles.

You have leaders who need support executing a new strategy

You have leaders who need to address key performance challenges

You have new valuable hires who you want to support during their first 30-90 days

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