Executive Coaching

Increase your resilience, influence and impact + stand out for what you stand for

Founders, Entrepreneurs &  Organisations

We’ll start with a conversation about you and/or your business – covering your history, where you are now, and your vision for the future. We will then identify your core leadership and/or business needs, and what’s stopping you reaching your vision.

1:1 executive coaching
– my process –

Before I start any coaching with you we will have a ‘chemistry session’ – to determine whether we’re a good fit for working together.
If so, I can design a 360 degree evaluation or use a Hogan Assessment which will highlight strengths and weaknesses and the impact these have on you and others at work (if desired).
Next you will have a discussion with your line manager (if relevant), to discuss your developmental areas and objectives.  We will then all come together to design and set specific measurable goals and objectives for the (typically 6 month) coaching programme.
1:1 individual coaching will typically take place for two hours, once a month. This can be done face to face, on the phone or via Skype.
Half way through the coaching programme, we’ll have an evaluation with your line manager (if relevant), where we will track progress against the pre-agreed objectives.
This will also happen again at the end of the coaching programme and includes any planning for future leadership development.

Executive Coaching Programme Process

Chemistry Prep Form

Chemistry session

Coachee and line manager
Discussion of development areas

Goal Setting and Sign-Off Session

3x 2hr Coaching Sessions

Celebrations, leadership qualities used

Actions taken, blocks, actions moving forward

Coaching on issue linked to goals and most relevant in moment

Take-aways, links to leadership and team

Actions, accountability

Mid-Programme Evaluation

3x 2hr Coaching Sessions

End of Programme Evaluation + Future
Development Plan


My coaching tools

My clients often benefit from the following additional coaching tools. Do ask me if you’d like more in depth information about them or how they work.

Personality profiling tool

As a Certified Practitioner, I work with the Hogan Assessments framework to help you hire the right people, develop key talent and evaluate leadership potential.

Hogan has 30 years’ experience reducing turnover and increasing productivity. If you’d like to predict your staff job performance through assessing personality, derailment characteristics, core values and cognitive reasoning ability, please contact me for further information.

Hogan Assessments 

Culture change tool

As a Certified Culture Change Consultant, I use the long-established Barrett Values system.  We will apply powerful metrics which will enable you, your team or your entire organisation, to measure and manage your culture, highlighting any needs for development and how to improve engagement and performance.

Barrett Values Centre

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