Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real

Fear is otherwise known as false evidence appearing real. And this is because all fear and anxious thoughts are about something that has not yet happened. And this is what spins us out and sends our brain into even more anxious thoughts because it cannot fix or solve this thing that we’re imagining because it hasn’t yet happened and this is why scientists say that we’re the most fearful creatures on earth because we have the wildest imaginations.

So think about it. Other animals think about threats, dangers in a given situation. But we think about threats, dangers, one step, two-step, three-step, 20 steps ahead into the future, and this is what makes us even more scared or anxious.

So if you’re afraid or anxious about returning back to work or anything else on the back of the announcements this week, any uncertainty around what’s gonna happen for you, your family, anyone you know, try this exercise.

So the first step is to go there.

I’m sorry if you don’t want to do this, it might feel counterintuitive but go there, go to the worst-case scenario, which maybe you getting sick or someone vulnerable in your household getting sick really go to the worst-case scenario and when you do list down the things that you will put in place and how you actually practically will deal with that, cope with that. So pause this or do this afterwards and write those things down if that helps so you’re going to take that action and put those things in place.

And notice how you feel, now once you do that, come back to right here, right now, and think about what you can practically do to prevent that situation in the first place and again list down put anything in place. Take any actions of things you can do to prevent that happening in the first place. So that’s it.

That’s my tip for the day for this week if that’s how you’re feeling.



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