In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals – with the sole aim of creating a better world by 2030.

These goals are focused on ending poverty, fighting inequality and addressing the urgency of
climate change.

Guided by these goals we can all make a difference and play our part.

In line with these goals and my own vision of what makes a better world, I specifically support UN Global Goals:

#3: Good Health and Well-Being
#10: Reducing Inequalities

And because of this, I am proud to support Action for Children

Action for Children support children + young people, providing practical + emotional care and support, ensuring their voices are heard + campaigning to bring lasting improvements to their lives.

In 2019 they helped more than 387,000 children and families across the UK.

Why is Action for Children close to my heart?

I believe that we always have a choice + can make changes in our lives if we have the knowledge + tools to do so.

Action for Children helps children + their families to make positive choices + changes in their lives through parenting classes, early years education, counselling services + advice + support on emotional wellbeing.

“My big vision? A world in which we all live a life of conscious choice with self-doubt, limiting beliefs + fear gone forever + replaced with clarity, contentment, peace + meaning.”



Are you a passive observer of your own life, watching it slip away through a haze of going through the motions? 

Have you forgotten that life is for LIVING? 

Sounds scary? How about trying this for 5 minutes a day? 

I’ve developed a FREE morning routine series, with simple step-by-step instructions. 

You’ll learn six vital habits to give you the calm, clarity + courage you’ll need to create a career + life you love. 

It even comes with a 30-day wall planner so you can track your progress.


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**I am currently working both remotely and face-to-face in Central London. We can discuss which would be most suitable and relevant to you and/or your organisation needs.

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