I am passionate about children having as many choices and opportunities as possible. 

However some children from an early age, through pure circumstance, have less choice and less opportunities available to them than most.  That’s why Action for Children is my chosen charity. What they do helps close that gap for thousands of children in the UK. Their work aligns closely with my value of Equality, and my Vision of a world in which we all live a life of conscious choice – no longer held back by self-doubt, limiting beliefs and fear – a life of clarity, personal freedom, peace, and meaning.

Action for Children – For Safe and Happy Childhoods

Action for Children protect and support children and young people.  They provide practical and emotional care and support, ensuring children’s voices are heard. They campaign to bring lasting improvements to the lives of children, and last year, they helped more than 387,000 children and families across the UK. 

This is why I align to this charity and I’m proud to support them…


I believe we always have a choice and can always make changes in our lives, if we are given the knowledge and tools to do so. Action for Children help children and their families to make positive choices and changes in their lives by providing that information and tools. They do this through parenting classes, early years education, counselling services and advice and support on emotional wellbeing. They work on the ground and in communities, through more than 476 local services across the UK.  

The welfare of children is a cause that has always been close to my heart. For this reason, I donate regularly to Action for Children.