What I’m THANKFUL for in Lockdown

Be grateful for today

Good morning on this Monday apparently it’s a Monday on are we third-week lockdown? So I am out on my morning run I just have to come and do this and I’m just wondering as well, you know, this is what’s keeping me sane, keeping me healthy, whatever that means now just means able to deal with all the weirdness, the stress, anxieties, all the stuff that we’re all dealing without there.

So, yeah, my running is every morning is the one thing so I am seriously hoping this does not get stopped.

Because yesterday me and ben we were out on our walk.

We went for a long walk up and around ally pally, and during that the police came and they just like swarmed and came down and started moving everyone along. And I get it.

But also, what I do get is that this is essential to get out for exercise once a day. I mean, I’m lucky I’ve got a garden, but so many people don’t have a garden.

And in terms of keeping sane in terms of dealing with stress and not going down the tube, it’s absolutely essential to get out. So, you know, in terms of what it actually does for you so going outside, getting sunlight actually increases serotonin in your brain, which is a natural anti-depressant.

And then if you’re exercising, that also increases dopamine, which is the really sexy feel-good hormone that we get from eating chocolate. Some people taking drugs, gambling, sex, all of that.

So if we’re not getting that, you know, we’re gonna well, there are all sorts of things that we could be going down a tube of you can only imagine.

And then also it releases another neurotransmitter called Gaba, which is the anti-anxiety neurotransmitter in the body. So can you imagine if you can’t come out once a day, the effect that is gonna have on all of us all over the country? I mean, that is yeah.

Be grateful for today

So that is really concerning me at the moment. And I’m making sure I’m doing it while I can. Over the next couple of weeks. Actually, I’m going to be releasing my back to basics, which is a whole section of my book, which is about self-care to keep yourself sane, healthy and being able to deal with the stresses anxieties of these weird weird times otherwise known as resilience, it’s all resilience stuff that I work with my clients, my corporate clients, my private clients.

So I’m just gonna be releasing that over the next two weeks. So you get downloadable pdfs of how to do it the information, the neuroscience and the actual exercises as well. Keep your eye out for that and instead of my planned book launch next Thursday obviously, that’s not happening. But what I’m going to do is a Facebook live completely on this completely on getting back to basics, taking care of yourself, especially if you’re taking care of everyone else. You’ve got the more you have on your plate, the more you need to take care of yourself. It’s the old lovely saying, you know, you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Take care of yourself first.

So that’s what I’m going to be releasing over the next two weeks. For me, for you, I would love to know in the comments what you’re doing to help keep yourself sane with your loved ones while you’re locked up.

And also, if you’re on your own, how you’re doing that for yourself? As well so speak to you soon. 

Stay safe. Stay sane. 


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