How to deal with your anxiety

Let me help you overcome anxiety with an instant fix tool and a bit of joy

Instant Anxiety Relief – ABC Tool

If you have regularly suffered from anxiety, as I have on and off for years, I’ve developed an instant fix to help with anxiety which I call my ABC tool. So, what does ABC stand for?

A is for Acknowledge. The first step in terms of changing any behaviour, or emotional response, is to acknowledge and accept and be aware of what is happening to you. In terms of anxiety, it’s really difficult to ignore, but what’s really useful is to go ‘okay I’m feeling anxious’ and take a moment and really check in with what is going on rather than rushing away, trying to push it down and get rid of it. Really acknowledge and accept and be aware that this is happening to you right here, right now.

B is for Brave. This is going to be really counterintuitive for you, but I’m asking you to really go to the sensation where you feel it most strongly in your body. For me, that’s in my chest, and once you’ve gone to that place and I want you to really get into the sensation itself; is it moving, is it still, what colour is it, what texture is it? And then really breathe right into it, keep going and sit with it until you feel some kind of shift, some kind of dissipation, and once that happens, go to the next step…

C is for Curious. Get curious about what is this anxiety telling you, what does my body need? So, for example, for me it’s just telling myself that it’s okay, you just need to know some information to come back to right here right now, or you just need to let some stuff go. Whatever it is for you, get curious – because that’s where the learning is.

And that’s my instant anxiety fix to dealing with anxiety in the moment: Acknowledge, be Brave and be Curious.

How JOY can help with ANXIETY

Joy is the antidote to anxiety. Psychologically you cannot feel both joyous and anxious at the same time. This is great news for the next time you feel anxious…

When you do next feel anxiety, actively do something that brings you joy; whether that’s calling a friend, whether that’s putting on your favourite music and having a dance around the room, or whether it’s going out for a walk with the dog – whatever it is that brings you joy, do it and notice the effect it has on you.

Also, the added benefit is that long term it will also support you in whatever situation is making you feel anxious in the first place, so choose joy!

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