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instant anxiety relief – my abc tool

If you regularly suffer from anxiety as I have on and off for years, then read on to learn an instant fix that I have developed for both me and my clients.  I call it my ABC Tool.


Acknowledge and Accept.

The first step in terms of changing any behavior or emotional response is to acknowledge and accept and be aware that this is happening to you. With regards to anxiety, it’s actually very hard to ignore that it’s happening, but what’s really useful, in the moment, is to go, ‘Okay, I’m feeling anxious.‘ – name it.

Rather than intuitively trying to push it down or stop it from happening, take a moment and check in with what is going on rather than rushing away. Rather than trying to push it down and get rid of it, really acknowledge, accept and be aware that this is happening to you, right here, right now.


Be brave.

Again, this is going to be really counter-intuitive, but I’m asking you to really go into the sensation of the anxiety – go to where you feel it most strongly in your body. So, for me, that’s commonly in my chest, sometimes all down my arms.

Once you’ve gone to that place, then really get into the sensation itself.

Is it moving? Is it still? What color? What texture is it?

And then really breathe right down into it. Keep going and sit with it until you feel some kind of shift, some kind of dissipation.

Once that happens, go to the next step.


Get curious.

Get really curious… What is this anxiety telling me? What is needed here? What do I need?

For example, commonly, for me, it’s just telling me, ‘Okay. This is really important to you’  ‘You just need to know some information about this – do some research’. Or most commonly, ‘You need to come back to right here, right now – stop catastrophising’ . Or ‘You need to let some stuff, slow down to make space for this’.

So, whatever it is for you, get curious. Because that’s where the learning is.

Anxiety is a message from the body – all we have to do is listen.


I would love to hear your thoughts and responses to this in the comments below.



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