The Connection Between Leadership and Self-Management

What is the connection between leadership and self-management? Let’s explore it.

When we think about leaders, most of them have similar characteristics. They are confident, charismatic, and compelling. They have the ability to inspire people to work harder and put in more effort, but at the same time, they are approachable and friendly. We value specific traits in leaders, and one of these is the unspoken connection between leadership and self-management.

Any good leader, regardless of the situation, should be, to a certain extent, capable of self-management. However, why does one influence the other? What is the key relationship between the two? Let’s explore it and find out what it is that really ties together leadership and self-management.

The Power of Self-Management

Self-management is a pretty important characteristic which gives people a lot of power in their everyday lives. If you can properly manage your actions and take control of your life, then, generally speaking, you have a very powerful forward momentum to use.

Nobody is born a leader. Our leaders have worked hard to reach the position they are in. Our leaders have put time and effort into attaining the position that they have. They have demonstrated the capacity to regulate themselves, and the ability to regulate others.

A great leader has many characteristics. They can make rational decisions, and employ emotional intelligence in the right situation. A great leader demonstrates self-control, and focuses on the objectives at hand. However, a truly great leader also manages to connect with people around him, to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each person and form a group of people into a cohesive team.

How to be a Great Leader

To be a great leader is to be able to recognise the importance of your self management. You can understand that it is necessary to be able to regulate your time, work to a deadline, and take charge of a situation in the best way possible.

Many of the skills required to be a great leader are not skills that can be taught, they are skills that have to be practiced, and that comes from within. The thing about great leaders as well is that everybody has a different leadership style. You cannot mimic somebody else’s leadership style and then use it for yourself. You have to cultivate your own grasp of the reins, your own approach to leading.

This is, understandably, the way in which people struggle. It’s not as easy as you think it is to be a leader when you have little experience leading. However, there are a few things that you can do.

First of all, try improving your body language and posture. Set up straight, make sure that you are not fidgeting or constantly shifting around. Be passive, still, focused. If you demonstrate confidence and self-assurance, then you naturally have the bearing of a leader.

Second of all, you can also do a lot for your tone of voice. Think about how you talk, and the kind of language that you use. Is the way that you talk assertive? Do you naturally make confidence suggestions? Keep an eye on your use of filler language, because this is often detrimental to a leader.

These kinds of changes are difficult but necessary. A good leader is one that can adapt to the situation at hand, and they can use their self-management skills to properly guide people to success.

Final Thoughts

So, the relationship between leadership and self management is an important one. By being able to manage oneself, and effectively marshalling yourself to demonstrate skills and abilities that leaders naturally have, you cultivate the necessary mindset to help others.

Good leaders are often people who believe they are such a thing. They have a natural faith in their own ability. If you’re going to be a good leader, then you need to be able to demonstrate that you have faith in your ability. Everything that you say and do needs to be confident, and it needs to be assertive. These are characteristics that will help people to acknowledge you as a leader, to automatically give you the respect you need.

Finally, self-management is an important tool for developing your leadership style. The way that you lead will be unique to you, but it will be advantageous to you if you can take the time to leave properly. You have to develop a leadership style that works for you as a person, that plays to your strengths. As useful as it would be to simply mimic the leadership style of another person, that’s not possible. You have to be you, above all else.


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