Life After Lockdown


If lockdown has made you question a lot of things in your life, then I can help you clarify exactly what you do want and don’t want in your life and career post lockdown and how to make it all happen now covid has forced many of us to look at our lives and question a lot of things that we wouldn’t normally have the time and space to think about, or that we’re busy distracting ourselves from thinking about. What’s going on is something psychologists refer to as self-actualisation and this is when the true self, who we really are, comes to the full. So this is not who we’ve been told we should be, what we can do, all of that.

This is who we truly are and this often doesn’t match with the life we built around ourselves. Now, this can often happen in midlife like mid-thirties is the classic time. This happens quite gradually, or it can be triggered by big life events such as redundancy, or, in my case, 14 years ago, becoming a parent and covid has certainly been a big life event that has catapulted many of us straight into this process.

Now it can be very unsettling, very bewildering and really leave you feeling like you don’t know why this is happening. You don’t know what’s going on, and you don’t know what to do about it.
You can find the answers to all of that and the exact exercises from my best selling book “change your life in 5” they’re the exercises I use with my private and corporate clients who all tend to be at this life stage and are the ones I’ve developed over the past 14 years in my central London coaching practice.

And you can get them for free here by following the link below or above, depending on where you’re watching me and start redesigning your new life post lockdown right now.


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