Life Coaching

discover who you are, what you really want and how to get it – forever

Life’s short. Don’t leave it too late to live yours to the full.


I developed the Clarity and Freedom method in 2006 and have since taken hundreds of clients through this effective, challenging process.

Using this method, we’ll create a clear and specific vision + mission statement for you to get your life moving forward.  Your timeline will feature targets for you to reach along the way, whether you want transformation in your personal or professional life, or both.

In a few months you will change your life beyond all recognition.

Learn who you truly are (underneath all the conditioning and other people’s expectations)

Understand your limiting beliefs, and why you have them

Face the fears that have been holding you back your whole life

Uncover your core values and how to use them to make decisions in the future

Learn to trust your wise inner voice and have more confidence in your decisions – forever

This rigorous five stage process will uncover the real you

1 Rediscover

You’ve forgotten who you are, what you want and where you want to be. You just know that you’re unhappy and unfulfilled. It’s time to unearth and listen to your inner voice and hear what’s important to you. Rediscover your core values and use them as a basis for a life mission and compass for future decision-making, so you’re sure you’ll always make the right decisions moving forward. You deserve to live a life you’ve chosen.

2 Embrace

Fear is telling you you’re not good enough; you shouldn’t… you can’t. It’s time to stop standing in your own way. It’s time to make friends with your fear; know it and take away its power. By unearthing your limiting beliefs and discovering their origins, you can free yourself from anxiety and catastrophising. What would you do if you weren’t so scared?

3 Reframe

Your life seems bleak and your mind full of endless negative thoughts; a constant and exhausting loop of low-grade terror. It’s time to learn how you can actively choose to think and feel; deal effectively with difficult emotions when they arise, find your joy and feel positive about your life. Emotional intelligence can be learned and strengthened. You don’t have to feel angry, sad or anxious all the time.

4 Recharge

You’re constantly on edge and floored by the slightest setback. It’s time to open your mind to essential information around sleep, relaxation techniques and exercise which will dramatically reduce your anxiety and stress levels. It’s time to look up from your to-do list and be present in a life you want. Learn how to be resilient and care for your body, mind and spirit.

5 Persist

The way you behave; eat, parent, work, socialise and rest is making you sad every day. It’s time to learn about neuroscience, the connection between dopamine and motivation, and to silence that critical inner voice for good. Identify positive goals, banish bad habits forever and create a vision; planning small incremental changes with a strict timeline. What could you be capable of?

My coaching strategy is a combination of Co-Active Coaching, Neuroscience and Somatics.

Co-Active Coaching: unleash the authentic you

Answering powerful, probing questions, you’ll be challenged to think deeper and further than ever before to face the blocks and fears that are holding you back. Connect with the inner wisdom you may not even know you have; and feel confident in your decision making from this point onwards.

NeuroCoaching: no more self-sabotage

Harnessing the power of neuroscience, you’ll understand how your brain works and why you act in the ways that you do. Learn how to stop bad habits and banish fear – permanently.

Somatics: positive habits for life

Armed with the latest developments in neuroscience; anchor your new thoughts and behaviours in your body, so you achieve permanent positive change and improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

Your investment

Coaching with me is not for everyone.  It requires commitment, and a substantial investment in time, funds and emotional energy.

Our journey together may be hard at times, but I can assure you that your life will never be the same again.

Imagine your life filled with drive + direction passion + joy, grace, grit and happiness

When you’re ready to really get to know yourself deeply, and to work hard, to deadlines, to change your life forever, please do get in touch.

If after an introductory conversation, we would both like to work together, I will ask you to commit to a minimum of 4 months coaching with fees ranging from £3,500.

Your coaching will begin when my schedule allows me to give you the time and attention that you deserve, and will take place either in my private consulting rooms on Wimpole Street or in St Paul’s.  I also coach clients globally over Zoom/Skype.

Depending on the level or intensity of service you require, you may also be interested in full visioning days or “live coaching” – where we will deal with a specific issue in the moment it arises. If required, I can also make myself available to accompany you overseas. 

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