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Hi, change your life as if you’re watching this. It’s because you’re a bit curious about how to start your own Miracle morning routine. And this is the first step. This is meditation, and this is how I do it. And I’ve been doing it for exactly a year now.

So the way I do it is I just do ten minutes and I literally use an app on here, which is called calm.

You can hear it start up nicely, and all you do is select basically either a daily meditation or a program. So they do great programs for worry, for anxiety, for self-esteem. All of that. So literally, what I do is I just press meditate, and just before I do that, I just really make sure I’ve got, like, a nice straight back and I put my hands separate.

I know that people say you should meditate kneeling or on a hard bench and all of that, but that really doesn’t work for me. I like to be comfortable. So I have my nice duvet on me. I like to be warm and cosy, but the straight back is really important, so just press meditate. And here we go.

Welcome to the Daily Calm. Today we’ll be talking about remaining open to unexpected teachers that start by taking a comfortable position, making sure your bag is straight but not stiff.

That your eyes closed gently.

So as you come out of the meditation just now, as I’m feeling, you will feel a change in your state because you’ve had around ten minutes of just really getting into the present moment. And what this is really good for is dealing with overwhelm.

So if you’re dealing with lots and lots of things during the day, I find it particularly useful in dealing with anxiety, which I actually suffer from. It just helps me take a pause, take a moment, come away from all the worrying thoughts that go on in our heads all the time.

And it just helps you stand back from those rather than be swept away with those all the time as we all are.

And by doing it every day, it really helps you remember to do that because that’s the thing about remembering to take a moment to take a pause. So that is meditation. That is the first step of your Miracle morning routine. And if you’re interested in the next step, stick around because it’s just about to follow this one.

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