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So if you are really serious about wanting to change your life, one of them, if not the best things that you can actually do for yourself is to create a morning exercise routine. And before you’ve grown, I will give you a bit of neuroscience that will help help you stick with it and understand why it is so important. The reason that exercise is so brilliant. If you really are wanting to change your life and set goals and achieve new targets as well as all of the other stuff that you have to do in your life is because when you do regular exercise, particularly full-on cardio and especially running, which is my thing, then what happens is in your brain.

When you do this kind of exercise, it releases a load of neurotransmitters.

So the neurotransmitters are basically chemicals in your brain which really affect your brain and your whole body. Now the first one that exercise release is a neurotransmitter called GABA that’s spelt G-A-B-A Gabba. Now the great thing about GABA is that it actually calms your whole system down. You can actually feel it working through your brain through your whole system. So if, like me, you suffer from anxiety or if you suffer from stress, you’re particularly going through a stressful period in your life, it immediately affects you, and it’s way better than anything else in terms of what you might otherwise use to calm yourself down like alcohol, food, that kind of stuff.

So it literally gives you immediate relief.

Now, the other two neurotransmitters that get released during exercise are serotonin. Now, this is the one that people take antidepressants to release in the brain. So literally, by exercising, you are reducing the effects of depression in your brain and your whole body. It has been proven to decrease depression rather than taking a pill or if you want to supplement and then gradually come off.

If that’s what works for you or you’re just feeling that you are getting low mood, then exercise will release that serotonin in your brain and give you that relief. Now the other neurotransmitter that is released, the one that we’re all chasing when we’re eating chocolate when we’re eating sugar when we’re eating carbs is dopamine. That is the real feel-good hormone that we’re often after when we’re doing all of that other stuff when we’re eating all of that other food. So you get a triple worry, a triple dose of three neurotransmitters in your brain that actually affects your brain, your whole body, your whole system, and how you feel about yourself.

And then the knock-on effect of all of that is that exercise running cardio, whichever you want to go for, also improve how you feel about yourself.

So they really affect your self-esteem. They really affect your motivation. It also really affects your ability to set targets, achieve goals, and make changes in your life because that’s what you’re actually doing when you get out to exercise and it also helps you do that even more. It’s like a knock on effect. So all round win-win just by starting to do exercise every day or at a minimum every other day before you start the rest of the day.

So I would highly recommend if you are starting out, if you don’t do any exercise or if you’ve fallen off the wagon a bit that you start small. Now this is really crucial. And I say this to all of my clients. So often clients will go out and they’ll just want to run half an hour or an hour straight off every day and then they crash and burn because they injure themselves or they just cannot sustain it. If you really want to sustain a morning exercise routine, start small, start with five or ten minutes, 15 minutes, whatever it is, and then build up gradually.

And at the moment I’m just combining my running with some hit sessions and ABS sessions by the body coach. You know that Joe Wicks guy, the leaning 15 guy with his hit sessions because they’re great because you can do 20 minutes and then ten minutes of ABS. So that’s great just to mix it up a bit. If you get bored as I do sometimes so that’s it.

Thanks for watching.

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