Do you need to SLOW DOWN?

Do you have anything any last words of wisdom for people around managing fear and the stuff that you’ve been talking about? What’s your biggest wisdom to share?

Well, as well as just come right here right now. What do I have? The other one is, is when you’re speeding up is when you need to slow down.

Oh, I’m really struggling to hear that I’m very fast. So when I start speeding up, that’s when I most need to slow down. Yeah, and I hear that.

I don’t like it, but I hear it. I don’t like it but I know, I don’t like it one bit thank you very much, missy, but I do hear that.

So in this time where we’re feeling like really overwhelmed, we need to slow down. Yeah, when we’re rushing. Gotta do this I’ve got to sort that. What about this? It’s like that’s when you need to pause come back to now, take a break.

Look at a tree, like seriously.

You need to come and take some deep breaths even if it’s one deep breath, that’s all.

Even just one deep breath will do it.

That’s invaluable. Thank you so much for that sue. And sue how can we find you? I’m sure there are people watching this right now and listening to this right now, who are thinking I need a bit of sue in my life.

I know there’s gonna be people that want a bit of you in there life. So how can we find you? Yeah, I’m on Facebook. Sue Belton, I’m on LinkedIn – sue Belton. And my Instagram is “change your life in 5”

Fantastic. And you’ve got a website as well? I’ve got a website www. Suebelton. Com, funnily enough, it’s as if your name’s sue Belton thank you so much for your time in sharing your wisdom and your neuroscience knowledge of those. It’s been really helpful. And I know that you going to have really benefited a lot of people at this time. So I’m really grateful. Thank you very very much


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