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I work with + speak to successful, ambitious, goal-driven professionals who want more out of life.


Because I am one + I walk the talk TO THE MAX.


Rewind to 2006.

I had a successful career as a TV producer, a young family + the daughter I’d always wanted + should have felt on top of the world.

I didn’t.

I woke up every day deeply + profoundly unhappy with every element of my life. Everything was wrong, but I didn’t know what to do about it. I was in stasis, a shell of a person – life was passing me by. I tried harder, worked harder, thought harder. But all my skills, experience + coping strategies were useless.

My resilience had deserted me.

What should I do?

I should have known that food, alcohol + Netflix weren’t the solution. It took a while to realise that. Then, feeling pretty hopeless, I signed up for a 45-minute coaching call with a professional coach. It changed my life. Now I’m here to change yours. But it’s not that I think I’m perfect – far from it. I’m a work in progress, just like you are.

Now, it’s my mission to help you get in a place where YOU can take ownership of your life + make the changes you yearn for.

“I will help you create extreme clarity + a consciously designed life”


Sue Belton talking to the Marketing Agencies Action Group about the importance of purpose
How to Pivot Your Career, a flagship online programme for Allbright Women's Club
Talking to TV freelancers about managing the anxieties of returning to work after COVID-19
Sue Belton Talking to Katie Price on My CRAZY Life | Season 2 Episode 1 | Everything Changes


I am a life coach motivational speaker, leadership coach + author.

I have appeared in a number of national and international publications. Just click the image below to read the articles.

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For successful, ambitious, goal-driven professionals who want more out of life + the HR teams that support them
Something’s stopping you from stepping up to the next phase of your life.

Is it limiting beliefs, or just a feeling you can’t yet articulate?

You want so much more: to be successful on your own terms, to have happier, calmer life where you feel in control.
You deeply need satisfaction, contentment + peace. I can help you find your power + break through your self-imposed limitations. I can help you create balance, so you can achieve with purpose + meaning + find inner peace at last. If you want to achieve beyond your expectations every day for the rest of your life + enjoy the ride, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m here to help you through speaking, media appearances, workshops + my own business coaching packages.
Now you can step into the life you were born to lead.


You’re more powerful than you know! Work with me and start to create your new life, now!

Sue is incredible and has had a dramatic impact on my life!

Katie Lewis
Sarah Conway

Coaching with Sue is like having a best friend who holds you to account and tells you the truth with empathy – far more than any friend really would. She is kind, and has a huge amount of empathy whist being intuitive, fun and quite rightly demanding of her clients. She helps people cross boundaries and achieve goals that they may otherwise think were impossible. 

Sue really is a phenomenal coach. Insightful and thoughtful, she carefully takes the time to understand what makes you who you are to guide you to where you want to be. Her approach is focused on honesty, respect and accountability; she challenges you to look further than your established beliefs and pushes you to commit and follow through with plans and goals. She effortlessly creates an environment of trust and I’ve come away from my time working with her with clarity, purpose and a plan with tangible steps for my future. I would highly recommend her to anyone. 

Sarah Conway

Marketing Director
Dr Rashmi Narayana (MD, MPH, MBA)

Before I met Sue, I found work challenging and stressful. It stopped me from doing my job well and affected my non-work life. I wasn’t sleeping well and was finding it hard to find time to do things I enjoy.</em>

Working with Sue is like working with a trusted professional who has your best interests as her goal. She emotionally tuned-in, really listens and offers concrete, actionable feedback. This helped me to focus on just being me in sessions without worrying too much about ‘what I will be perceived as’.

<em>After coaching with Sue, I now manage a growing, international team of doctors and researchers and have managed to keep my team engagement score higher than the company average. I am also enjoying taking breaks to spend time with my family without feeling guilty. I am getting fitter and healthier than before.

Dr Rashmi Narayana (MD, MPH, MBA)

Head of Clinical Development, Fast growing health tech company.
Pooja Dhiman

Sue is a masterful and life-changing coach. She models what it is to be a woman truly living from purpose and as a client of Sue’s, I found that extremely inspiring. She has challenged me where necessary and supported and championed my achievements along the way when I made progress. In less than a year, Sue has helped me figure out my life purpose and create a life of meaning. I would highly, highly recommend working with Sue.

Pooja Dhiman

Odharnait Ansbro

Sue was a fantastic coach. I was six minutes late to our first session. Her first questions to me were “What stopped you getting here on time today?” and “What does that cost you in your life?”. I knew straight away that this was someone who would give me candid feedback and ask hard and at times uncomfortable questions when needed. She was also able to do this, while remaining incredibly kind and supportive. Through my sessions with her, I uncovered the things that are really important to me and identified old beliefs and ideas that were holding me back from pursuing them. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Odharnait Ansbro

Sophie Brown

Coaching with Sue is like having a best friend who holds you to account and tells you the truth with empathy – far more than any friend really would. She is kind, and has a huge amount of empathy whist being intuitive, fun and quite rightly demanding of her clients. She helps people cross boundaries and achieve goals that they may otherwise think were impossible.

Sophie Brown

CFO & Property Developer
Holly Dawkins

I was scared to take any action but I knew something wasn’t right. I was demotivated, I lacked ambition but I felt so scared to make a change. I was really worried about what people would think. I felt lost and couldn’t picture my future.

After working with Sue, I am living more in the now. Some things which I have addressed are things I didn’t even know would be goals and things to overcome. I found clarity in addressing where my beliefs come from and I no longer seek validation from other people, which before was for everything. I have been learning about myself – where my limiting beliefs come from and breaking it down.

I now feel that I can actually plan and consider living in another country!

Holly Dawkins

Mike Shawcross

Sue was a huge help to me when I reached a point where I was struggling to balance work, family and overall stress. She helped me approach these problems from a completely different perspective than I’d ever thought of myself and soon, I was seeing a route out of my deep rut. She helped me trust my own values and judgement which resulted in me leaving London, changing job, reducing my stress and having more time to spend with my family and myself. From someone who would have previously snubbed the idea of seeking such help, I now can’t recommend it enough. I would highly recommend Sue to anyone.

Mike Shawcross

Senior Manager, Deloitte
Alex Atherton

Sue supported me in making a significant career transition. I had a lot of experience in running large and complex organisations, but I did not want everything else that went with that kind of job any longer. Sue helped me reposition myself, realise what was transferable and how it might be pitched to others. This was all packaged within a new ‘modus operandi’ for living. Principally it was coaching, but that also included being held to account when there was a risk of going back to the familiar, or in doing something out of step with the values and ideals established with her guidance. I’m now six months into a portfolio life, working across a range of clients and also now aiming to go beyond my previous areas of expertise. I am now much more in control over how I spend my time, and have a balance which has rarely been achieved for far too many years. I recommend her very strongly!

Alex Atherton

Education Consultant
Kate Bendix

It’s interesting to me how profound and yet how subtle the effects of life coaching with Sue are. They’re far reaching and long lasting. I find myself using the tools she endowed me with almost a year after my coaching ended. Sue is a brilliant coach that will relentlessly hold you to account in everything you do. I’ve really enjoyed my time with her and recommend that you too get some Sue in your life. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Sue as your life coach as long as you feel you’re ready for coaching. Sue means business!

Kate Bendix

Author and Founder


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