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Stop Killing your Brain!

Stop killing your brain!


Seriously, if you are 40+ years old, scientists have proven that you should only be working three to five hours a day. Three to five hours a day! That’s because the prefrontal cortex (that’s involved in all rational thinking, reasoning, understanding, learning, all of that great thoughtful stuff), only has a certain capacity per day which really drops off when we’re 40 and older.

The problem being that if we go over that, our brain switches over to the limbic part of the brain which is concerned with fight, flight, or freeze reactions.

So when we switch from prefrontal cortex to limbic system thinking, we’re really not going to be making best decisions and doing the best things for us because there’s none of that rational thought involved.

Also, we put our brain and our whole body into a state of stress, which this is the killing bit … You are killing part off of the brain. So you’re killing brain cells, again, in this brilliant prefrontal cortex part of the brain.

So, in order to try and stop doing this and still functioning and holding down a job and doing all the great things you want to do, my top three tips are,
– Firstly, make sure you’re getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night

– Secondly, exercise, so three times 30 minutes a week. Either cardio … or for women, weights are even better because it increases our testosterone levels much further and that helps with focus and motivation.

– Thirdly – The big one – work in blocks and breaks. Scientists recommend anywhere from between 52 minutes to maximum 90minutes, with breaks of at least 10 minutes in between. And on those breaks don’t just be scrolling social media on your phone. Take a walk outside or just properly give that brain of yours a rest.

So I would love to hear your comments on this in the box below.

Thanks for watching.


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