The Successful Coach Mastermind

The Successful Coach Mastermind is a high-level business development experience for committed and ambitious coaches looking to take their business to the next level in a way that aligns with their definition of success. Have you already left your corporate job and are running your own coaching business for the very first time?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the ‘business’ stuff – tech, fin­ances, admin, legalities, insurance etc? Are you feeling isolated and alone in your daily business struggles, challenges, and celebrations?

Are you finding it hard to decide how much time to spend on coaching, business development, business strategy, marketing, self-care, let alone family obligations!? Are you unsure about how to navigate difficult client and ethical situations?

Do you want to make more money but ensure you take care of yourself and your family in the process?

Do you want the coaching business and life you dreamt of when you left corporate life?

If so…

Lead by me, an experienced and award-winning PCC business mentor and coach, this programme offers support, accountability, and access to resources and connections to help you define and build a thriving coaching practice that honours your life purpose and vision.

It’s designed for you if you have left your corporate job and are running your own business, but are feeling overwhelmed by the business side of things and need support and guidance. This programme will help you navigate the challenges of running a business, you’ll learn how to make more money, and how to balance it all with self-care and family responsibilities.

You’ll gain access to proven processes and structures to help you develop and grow your business – aligned with YOUR vision of success. It offers support, community, resources, connections, business mastery tools and techniques, mentoring, and accountability – all to help you stay focused and achieve your goals.

The programme is designed for coaches with 2+ years’ experience With this Mastermind, you’ll learn from a supportive mentor and group of peers, gain access to real-world insights, and have the opportunity to implement what you learn immediately and sustainably in your business.

Topics covered:

The Successful Coach Mastermind covers and builds on the essential topics for running a successful coaching business. During the monthly group + Q&A mentoring sessions, topics will cover my proven seven C’s of running a successful coaching practice:

  • CLARIFY – Create a compelling long and short-term vision, timeline and goals, including revenue goals, to hit along the way. Get crystal clear about why you’re doing all of this, who with, what that will look like, and how to make it all happen.
  • CHEMISTRY – How to convert clients powerfully. Connect, engage and enrol people into working with you, learn how to handle objections, and remove price as a barrier.
  • CONNECT – How to get into corporate and coach at CEO level (even if, like me, you’ve never held a senior leadership role). Learn a proven process of connecting with, and getting hired by, HR Directors and Senior Leaders. Submitting proposals and getting the contracts.
  • CONQUER – discover and challenge the key fears and saboteurs that, gone unchecked, will make you fail as a coach, and business owner. Learn how to develop unshakeable self-belief that will make your transition from employee to entrepreneur, a successful one.
  • CREATE – How to make the intangible, tangible! Define and create core offerings and programme eco systems that will create a seamless customer journey that will have clients stay with you for years. Plus learn the importance of focusing on creating vs consuming in your business.
  • CAPTURE – Create a consistent marketing plan. Define and refine your core message, the perfect pitch, how and where to get in front of your ideal client, plus learn if, how, where, when and what – to post on social.
  • CRACK – the business of running a business! …admin, tech, accounting, GDPR, contracts – all the stuff you need to have in place to support you in your coaching.
  • And everything else that comes up for us along the way!
Your Successful Coach Mastermind Membership Includes:

Membership Criteria

The Successful Coach Mastermind is an exclusive 11-month programme designed for established coaches who are committed to taking their business to the next level.

The programme is tailored to coaches who have at least 2 years of experience in their current business, a turnover of £30K or more, and are working towards reaching £100K and beyond.

The programme is suitable for coaches with existing niche offerings and/or programmes and services, and are dedicated to committing to the success of the group.

This programme is not suitable for new coaches or those who prefer 1-1 coaching. Please visit the Successful Coach page for more information on different options if that sounds like you.

Why Me?

I am a multi award-winning PCC Coach + Business Mentor, Author and Podcast Host.

I have 15 years of experience running my own successful coaching business, after leaving my previous career as a BBC TV producer. I started out during the recession of 2008, having never run a business before. My coaching business has gone from strength to strength, I win all of my own work, and it’s been my sole source of income ever since.

I’ve designed my business to be one that supports my family and I, and one that supports my own well-being – inline with how I truly wanted to be living at this point in my life.

I’ve mentored hundreds of coaches and helped them define and build their own thriving practices. I’ve been voted Best Female Entrepreneur and Best Coach, and my book Change Your Life in 5 was nominated for Best Self-Help Book. I launched my podcast ChangeMakers in 2022 and it has now been downloaded in 20 countries.

I am a passionate advocate for Co-Activity and have been involved with CTI in various roles, namely four years as the host of their The Business of Coaching group mentoring sessions.

My vision is for as many Co-Active coaches as possible to build successful businesses so they can make a difference in the world.

The Successful Coach Mastermind

Is an exclusive and comprehensive business development experience for committed and ambitious coaches who are looking to take their business to the next level.

It requires a significant time and financial investment, as well as a commitment to show up, actively participate, and put the insights and strategies learned into action.

It’s not for everyone…

But for the right coach, it offers a powerful and transformative experience where they can learn from both their peers and a seasoned PCC business mentor + coach, gain valuable insight, and develop their business in alignment with their unique definition of success.


The spring UK/Europe/US cohort is now full.

However, I have two current waiting lists and plan to start my next cohorts in the autumn – one for the APAC region, and one for the UK/Europe/US. If you are interested in joining either of these cohorts, or are in any alternate timezones, please do email me directly on expressing your interest, and explaining a little about where you are in your business, and what you would want to achieve.

The investment for the programme is £4,950 + VAT / £247.50 + VAT deposit + 19 months at £247.50 + VAT. [Early Bird Bonus of 1-1 Mentoring Session with me. Value: £692 inc.VAT if you secure your spot before I advertise widely]

Let’s be in touch, and see if we are a good fit to work with each other on developing your business.

Worried this will be yet another investment that doesn’t deliver ROI? Let me remove that fear.

If you get to the end of the 11 months and you’ve implemented your learnings and shown up for our sessions, but you haven’t at least made your investment back, you can stay with me until you do.*


Shelley Lawrence

Before coaching with Sue I felt directionless. I really had no idea about how to build my business. How and what would I charge clients? How should I network? How do I construct a plan? How do I build my confidence as a coach? All of these questions were rattling around inside my head.

Through working with Sue my increased confidence as a coach and owning my coaching (which includes stating my rate and billing people for my work) have grown in ways that I could never have imagined. I now have structures for chemistry sessions and other business and coaching processes that would have been much more trial and error before I started with Sue. I also learned how to write a business plan which really has pushed me into action. The best gift was that I became a better coach by having her coach me. That is exactly what I wanted and needed.

Sue is the BEST!! She is exactly the coach I needed. She is warm, thoughtful, intelligent and challenging.

Coaching with Sue is like having a guardian angel on my shoulder. This “angel” encourages me when my confidence waivers, and kicks me in the butt to take risks! I am so grateful.

Shelley Lawrence

Educational And Life Coach at Schoolhouse Collaborative
Joanne Olsen

In terms of impact on me Sue has given me greater self-assurance as a business-owner. She’s pushed me to assess my standards, expectations and boundaries. I now have a raft of clients I love working with, I have a clear marketing strategy and a new business pipeline I’m excited to convert. I am proud of the business-owner I have become with Sue’s help. 

Sue is a great coach and mentor. Sue is both professional and warm.
She cuts through the crap and gets to the heart of what matters. 

Joanne Olsen

Leadership Coach & Talent Consultant 
Laura Scott 

Sue is an incredibly warm, kind and supportive coach and mentor. She’s straight forward, no nonsense and at the same time sensitive and perceptive. She’s able to see your gifts, have you do the same, and encourage you to make progress in your life. 

Laura Scott 

APAC & EMEA Head of Learning & Development, Google  Comms Team / Certified Executive Coach / Executive Presence & Public Speaking trainer
Olivia MacDonnell 

As a coach and mentor, Sue is direct, insightful, and tough at times! She’s intuitive and brave – and asks the questions that create discomfort, but ultimately the greatest learning, growth and change. 

Olivia MacDonnell 

Empowering professionals to discover their confidence, influence and leadership 
Esmeralda Garcia 

Working with Sue is a mix of coaching, accountability, lots of determination, tenacity and hard work. As a coach and mentor, I would highlight Sue’s boldness, courage and transparency. I also admire her non-attachment to the results, her authenticity and her determination. 

I highly recommend Sue to any coach who is looking for serious business development coaching and mentoring. 

Esmeralda Garcia 

Leadership Coach - Empowering Coaching
Stacey Back

I was immediately impressed by Sue’s professionalism and her practical, process-driven and highly strategic approach to coaching.

As a coach, Sue is pragmatic, honest and good fun to work with! She was direct and always challenged me to step outside my comfort zone. The knowledge and experience that Sue shared was instrumental in helping me set the foundations for the successes of my new business.

Stacey Back

Career Coach to high-achievers 
Andrea Altier

Sue is a coach who knows exactly what you need and will deliver to you the whole package + more than you can expect. She challenges you in a way that feels good, she sees what you need, and has a very good balance between mentoring and coaching. 

Andrea Altier

Leadership Coach, CPCC 
Caroline Storey 

Since working with Sue I’ve completely reshaped my packages and programmes and created an infrastructure that makes it simple and easy for people to work with me. I’ve had a complete upgrade of my coaching business, and I’m busy doing what I love.

Being mentored by Sue is like being in a masterclass for how to be a professional coach, who knows her value and inspires others to do the same.

Caroline Storey 

Certified Career & Life Leadership Coach
Madeleine Geach

Sue is an amazing coach and business mentor. She is empathetic, direct, and injects warmth and humour into her sessions. Her advice on setting up a solo business was practical and clear. After working with her for 6 months, I am earning a decent living from doing something I love. I highly recommend Sue and I am sure I will be back for more when I need it again.”

Madeleine Geach

Hospitality Leadership Coach 

Email me:
**I am currently working both remotely and face-to-face in Central London. We can discuss which would be most suitable and relevant to you and/or your organisation needs.


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