Andrea Altier

I started working with Sue because I wanted to get help in establishing my coaching practice, get an agreement with one or two companies as clients and develop my own product/coaching packages.

Through working with her I soon realized that I didn’t have that much time to get this in place, and having since resigned from work, I now have an established a process for working with my existing network to get new clients.

I have also established a way of working with relationships/network/sales which works for me, after having previously feared the whole sales process. I now also feel confident that my product is good enough, and that I have what is needed to deliver value to my clients. I have also established a coaching product and onboarding process that I now use with my clients and I collect feedback and testimonials, which also gives me insight that I can use to develop myself as a coach. Sue also gave me a lot of materials and templates that I have used for these processes, and as inspiration to create my own packages.

Sue is a coach who knows exactly what you need and will deliver to you the whole package + more than you can expect.

She challenges you in a way that feels good, she sees what you need, and has a very good balance between mentoring and coaching.