Caroline Storey

When I started working with Sue I was doing pretty well. I was coaching, building my hours and experience, building my self-belief and identity as a coach BUT… I was also overwhelmed, a bit stuck, and I didn’t want to get it wrong, so was playing small and holding myself back from taking action.

I wanted to find my voice, and design and build a coaching business that reflected who I am and the value I bring my clients. That worked for me financially, and also personally. I wanted to know that I was stepping into my potential and winning at being me!

Since working with Sue, I am now super clear on who I am and what I offer. I’ve completely reshaped my packages and programmes to reflect this, and created an infrastructure that makes it simple and easy for people to work with me. My mindset has shifted and I now love being a professional coach. I’ve had a complete upgrade of my coaching business, and I’m busy doing what I love.

Being coached and mentored by Sue is like being in a masterclass for how to be a professional coach, who knows her value and inspires others to do the same. You are supported and guided by someone who 100% believes you can get there. She is an experienced, insightful and inspiring coach. I have learned so much from simply experiencing being coached and mentored by her- she models beautifully.

Because of my work with her I am now so much clearer on where I want to go and how to get there, and am well on my way. I also have a practical toolkit and a reassuring boost of self-belief to help me get there.