Joanne Olsen

Before I started working with Sue I had a lot of uncertainty around where to direct my efforts for growing my business. I wanted to win more clients, set up my business in a scaleable way, get the systems in place, get the marketing plan rolling and to be intentional about how I could most effectively use my time whilst protecting my boundaries for work life balance. I had also spent many years of my working life helping brands successfully sell more of their products, but when it came to selling myself, I was drawing a bit of a blank.

Sue is a great coach and mentor. Having the capacity to offer business mentoring was extremely beneficial to me – some things I just needed to know, from someone who’s been there and done it, successfully, already. I also really valued having Sue be so accessible on Voxer (a voice messaging app), and so responsive every time I got in touch. She was so generous with her resources e.g. the templates she shared up front which have provided a lot of insight and inspiration for short-cutting the development of my own materials.

Sue is both professional and warm. She cuts through the crap and gets to the heart of what matters.

In terms of impact on me Sue has given me greater self-assurance as a business-owner. She’s pushed me to assess my standards, expectations and boundaries. I now have a raft of clients I love working with, I have a clear marketing strategy and a new business pipeline I’m excited to convert. I am proud of the business-owner I have become with Sue’s help.