Laura Scott

When I met Sue I was starting to think about growing my business. I wanted a coach and mentor to help think things through, be able to explore challenges, and go deeper in my use of coaching tools. I also wanted to get clear about my coaching/training biz, set timeline for doing it, and think clearly about what I need to be earning.

Through working with Sue I’ve found loads of really helpful techniques – it’s hard to even list them ‘cos I’ve immediately put them into my practice – but I know Sue helped give me the confidence in the impact of them. I’ve also learnt: the Future self exercise – I use it with all my clients now and I’m leaning into it more and more; comparing oneself both ways; the simplicity of designing an offering; Powerful Q’s for dealing with challenging coaching situations e.g. distressed client, same topics on repeat; and not getting caught up in comparison and perfectionism – still working on this one 😉

Sue is an incredibly warm, kind and supportive coach and mentor who uses the widest range of coaching tools to increase your self-awareness and enable you to grow your own coaching skills at the same time. She’s straight forward, no nonsense and at the same time sensitive and perceptive. She’s able to see your gifts, have you do the same, and encourage you to make progress in your life.