Owen Jarman, MRICS Commercial Director at Costain Group PLC

Sue is a wonderful coach. I feel that working with her has had a life changing impact.
She helped hugely to refocus my career, offering genuine life advice at the same time; guiding me to a place of resilience, confidence, clarity of thought, and ultimately peace of mind.

I am a Commercial Director for Costain Ltd. When I met Sue I was at a stage where my professional development was reliant on an approach which had served me well to that point, but was however running out of steam in terms of getting the most from myself; the purpose and value I was adding lacked clarity, which in spite of my best efforts was hindering the impact I was having.

My coaching with Sue consisted of setting some really clear and useful objectives, which were derived in response to her lovely non threatening approach to getting to the core of the challenges I was facing. In the space of only a handful of sessions (and through the use of some rather creative and innovative coaching methods), Sue helped me arrive at a well rounded and solid answer in response to the objectives we set. I now feel that I am absolutely delivering what my leadership and business want, rather than speculating and just doing the best I can.

Sue has a remarkable knowledge of coaching and applies an often incredibly insightful scientific basis and empathy to her approach. I believe that what sets Sue apart is that she genuinely cares about the impact she has and wants to make a difference. It’s my pleasure to say she’s had a huge impact and made a massive difference. She is calming, does not judge and is wonderfully intuitive in her coaching.

Sue has brought a sense of mindfulness, self reflection and belief to my thinking that never would have existed unless we met. That’s quite something.

I am really pleased and privileged to be passing on this recommendation. I cannot praise Sue highly enough.

She’s an absolute tour de force. Thanks.