Shelley Lawrence

Before coaching with Sue I felt directionless. I really had no idea about how to build my business. How and what would I charge clients? How should I network? How do I construct a plan? How do I build my confidence as a coach? All of these questions were rattling around inside my head.

Through working with Sue my increased confidence as a coach and owning my coaching (which includes stating my rate and billing people for my work) have grown in ways that I could never have imagined. I now have structures for chemistry sessions and other business and coaching processes that would have been much more trial and error before I started with Sue. I also learned how to write a business plan which really has pushed me into action. The best gift was that I became a better coach by having her coach me. That is exactly what I wanted and needed.

Sue is the BEST!! She is exactly the coach I needed. She is warm, thoughtful, intelligent and challenging.

Coaching with Sue is like having a guardian angel on my shoulder. This “angel” encourages me when my confidence waivers, and kicks me in the butt to take risks! I am so grateful.