Are you feeling down this week?

Tips for anxiety sufferers

What else you got to tell us? Cause I know that you know a load of stuff about neuroscience like you’re really an expert in neuroscience. You’ve been learning it for years and years and yeah, I love it.

I love it. I love it. I’ll tell you that the other biggest thing I would say right here right now in terms of what we’re dealing with is the other two big things for anxiety and fear around coronavirus.

Are exercise and mindfulness. They’re the other two big things so exercise because it not only releases serotonin and endorphins, but also a neurotransmitter called Gaba, which is the body’s anti-anxiety chemical.

So it actually decreases your anxiety at the moment. Amazing. That is amazing. And if you could do that outside as well, you’ll get an extra boost of serotonin. Bonus points!

Bonus points. So I and my daughter are doing that every morning we’re going out on the backfield and we’re doing exercises and runnings and little stuff together just moving topping that up every day.

That’s a lot like plugging your phone in, topping it up, sticking it in, getting the battery revved up. Getting all those topped up. The gabba is really important for anxiety and fear as well as serotonin is great for depression and has been proved as effective. As antidepressants. Amazing!

Amazing. It’s been shown, and also the endorphins are great. But I’d say serotonin right now and the GABA right now.

So let’s get outside, get exercising. And if we can do it with someone we love and like and trust, that’s sure all the better too? Well, then you get the connection which is great for resilience, and you get the outside, which is great for resilience.

Yeah, amazing. That’s a really, really important tip. Thank you. And you said mindfulness as well.

Tell us a bit about that. And how that can support us in the here and now, as we’re anxious and full of fear and panic. Yeah, well, there are two ways around mindfulness. So mindfulness also has been shown by neuroscientist’s to be able to rewire the brain in terms of negative thinking and then creating all positive thoughts it also gives you a bit of a little gap.

You know, when you’re in a shitty situation, gives you a gap to go. Okay, what can I do? So it’s great for fear, but actually, rewires your brain.

Amazing. Yeah. So your brain in the longer term and in the short term, it just gives you that pause to know how you’re feeling and it creates that ability to pause long term. But you can do it a couple of ways so you could do everyday mindfulness, which is washing up, is a classic one.

I know I’ve got a dishwasher but I actually like a bit of washing up now and again it’s good. Anything you do, do it slowly. Intentionally like brushing your teeth and feeling the bristles on your teeth and rubbing against your lips. That’s everyday mindfulness. You can do it with practically anything. So anything that we do that’s a little bit boring and repetitive, does it have to be boring?

Even better. You can really focus on that I mean, I’ve heard people like Eckhart Tolle is that how you pronounce his last name?

Talking about just lifting some leaves up and how that transforms his world because he felt every crinkle and heard every whatever. That’s really important stuff, isn’t it?

And to me, that’s what about getting here and now and then the old stuff and that might happen might not happen. Stuff doesn’t figure. That’s the key, because all anxiety, this is what I’m saying. It’s different right now, but usually, all anxiety is because your brain is imagining something that hasn’t yet happened and it can’t fix, so it freaks out.

Yeah, that’s what causes anxiety. It’s a thought that your brain can’t resolve and it freaks you out. Yeah, for sure. And right here right now although there are global level threats to our, there’s restrictions to our liberty, restrictions to getting the stuff we need to stay well and safe and alive, and wipe our bottoms properly. And there are threats to there are massive unknown changes happening aren’t there? So, like schools, closing this really impacting a lot of people that I know and yet in this very moment in the here and now, although those things are all looming and they’re all out there and they’re all present and real and I’m definitely saying yeah, yeah they’re really not denying that in the here and now, there’s always something we can do to pull us back away from that.

That stuff that hasn’t isn’t exactly directly impacting us, isn’t there? There is and a really another neuroscience backed thing. Great bring it the other great thing to do is gratitude. So right here, right now and I do mine every morning in my morning routine right here right now three things you’re grateful for.

So I’m grateful for my home. I’m grateful for my daughter. I’m grateful for all of the people that I’m in connection with you know whatever it is three gratitudes. That brings you back to right here right now what do you have?


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