Co-Active Coaching & Mentoring

Live your purpose + build a lucrative business


Whether you are going through Certification or building your practice, with me you will get:
A tailor-made combined coaching and mentoring programme designed between us to give you maximum results.
Safety – we will create and build a relationship of trust within which you feel safe, held, and seen.
Structure – an organised way of working together – with the use of discovery forms and coaching prep forms to ensure you get the most out of each session – and the entire process.
Co-Activity – we fill focus on the BEING and the DOING.
Accountability – a very important part of the coaching process which can often get lost in the process. I will be calling you forth to be the best you can be.
A deepening of your learning – we can do specific coaching sessions based on parts of the model or where you especially want to focus. You will not only gain personal awareness, but also improve your skills as a coach.·
Expansion of your learning – I also bring other techniques which work well alongside the CTI model.
Mentoring – designed around what works for you, I will also share my knowledge, structures and tools for the following:

1 Clarifying your niche

2Efficient business methods

3 Getting MORE clients

4   How to get high paying, high performing clients

5   How to become a successful corporate coach

6  Winning sample session tips and structure


You will receive mentoring from me as part of my coaching programme.
However, if you simply want some ad hoc mentoring sessions, or a longer term pure mentoring programme, you can get information, structures, and tools, on the following:

1 Clarifying your niche

2Efficient business methods

3 Getting high paying, high performing private clients

4 Marketing

5 Winning sample sessions

6 Pricing

7 Becoming a successful corporate coach

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