Life Coaching

Know what you really want, and get it,
every day for the rest of your life.

Life’s short. Don’t leave it too late
to live yours to the full.

Five steps to getting back
on the right track

This rigorous five stage process will uncover the real you

1 Clarify

Discover and clarify what’s really important to you, who you truly are and what kind of life you really want to be living.  Stop living by the rules and dictates of others. You will learn what your values are, identify your ideal life vision and career, your ‘zone of genius’, and your life’s mission statement – all to create a clear future and career roadmap.

2 Conquer

Uncover the number one fear and self-sabotaging voice in your head that stops you living the life of your dreams. You will learn where this fear and all of it’s limiting beliefs comes from, how to start removing it, and how to move on once and for all. You will meet your biggest ally against this fear – your Future Self. An often life-changing tool, it will become an inner guide and resource.  Whenever you seek guidance, whenever you need to know what your next step should be, you can tap into this inner source of wisdom.  It’s also especially effective when facing down your fears. 


Whatever  your  situation, whatever  life throws at  you, you  always  have  a choice  as to  how you  think,  feel,  or  respond  to it.  Open  up  your  mind,    challenge  and  shift  old  mindsets  and  behaviours  that  are  limiting  you  and  holding  you back. Replace  with  new,  positive-thinking  mindsets  and  behaviours.  You  will    learn  new  ways  of  thinking  about your  life,  and  will  feel  more  at  peace  and  more  able  to  make  good  choices.  But  most  importantly,  you  will  know that there is a  choice in the first place.


Discover  why  you  are  so  hard  on  yourself    and  often    your  own  worst  enemy,    and  what  to  do  about  it.  Whether  you  constantly  beat  yourself  up  about  mistakes,    negatively  compare  yourself  to  others, feel  like a  fraud    or  feel  the  deep  need  to  always  be  ‘perfect’…  You  will  learn  the  source  of  these  self sabotaging  behaviors,  the  brain  science  benefits  of  gratitude  and  self-acknowledgement,  and  the importance of celebrating who you are, what you have achieved, and what you have to offer.


If  you  do not make a commitment to  yourself, if  you  do not slow down and take care of  yourself  first, nothing is going to  permanently  change in  your life. This  principle  will teach  you  the basic brain science and necessity of self-care and challenge and shift  your  damaging belief it’s a ‘luxury’.   You  will commit to  yourself,  and your mental health and well-being. You will  dramatically reduce  your stress and anxiety levels – and still achieve want you what you want in life.

My coaching strategy is a combination of Co-Active Coaching, Neuroscience and Somatics.

Co-Active Coaching: unleash the authentic you

Answering powerful, probing questions, you’ll be challenged to think deeper and further than ever before to face the blocks and fears that are holding you back. Connect with the inner wisdom you may not even know you have; and feel confident in your decision making from this point onwards.

NeuroCoaching: no more self-sabotage

Harnessing the power of neuroscience, you’ll understand how your brain works and why you act in the ways that you do. Learn how to stop bad habits and banish fear – permanently.

Somatics: positive habits for life

Armed with the latest developments in neuroscience; anchor your new thoughts and behaviours in your body, so you achieve permanent positive change and improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

Your investment

Coaching with me is not for everyone.  It requires commitment, and a substantial investment in time, funds and emotional energy.

Our journey together may be hard at times, but I can assure you that your life will never be the same again.

Imagine your life filled with drive
+ direction passion + joy,
grace, grit and happiness


When you’re ready to really get to know yourself deeply, and to work hard, to deadlines, to change your life forever, please do get in touch. Contact kathryn@suebelton.com to arrange a free 30 minute initial coaching consultation with Sue or book using the button below.

Your coaching will begin when my schedule allows me to give you the time and attention that you deserve, and will take place either in my private consulting rooms on Wimpole Street or in St Paul’s.  I also coach clients globally over Zoom/Skype.

Depending on the level or intensity of service you require, you may also be interested in full visioning days or “live coaching” – where we will deal with a specific issue in the moment it arises. If required, I can also make myself available to accompany you overseas. 


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