What Is Good Leadership Coaching in the UK?

Using positive development approaches and drawing on a wealth of industry experience, good leadership coaching in the UK commits to helping leaders unlock their full potential. 

Senior executive coaching

Authentic, supportive and positive leadership coaching inspires senior leaders to become outstanding role models in the workplace. It’s about embodying the culture you wish to create. Furthermore, employees observe how managers treat others and how they react under pressure. They unconsciously absorb their ways of working, replicating the behaviour themselves, good or bad, productive and unproductive.

Your values shape your integrity as a leader. But asserting your integrity may be a challenge, especially for women in a male-dominated work environment. Using a thoughtful and honest approach, coaches inspire new confidence, allowing you to evaluate and realign your beliefs and vision. 

Perhaps you’re uncertain (possibly sceptical) about the benefits of face to face coaching. That’s fine. One of a leadership coach’s biggest challenges is re-framing previously held notions. The best coaches seek to understand people, delving deeper to coax a response when necessary. They encourage and push until the benefits are clear and a personal development transformation has taken place.

Leadership and personal development

Personal development changes should be permanent and lay the groundwork for more progress and understanding. You may forget a leadership training exercise learnt 20 years ago, but unconsciously you internalised it as a reference point that guided further decision making, both on a business and personal level.

Choosing an executive coach is a critical step in personal development. The right coach deepens your understanding of your business and personal life, helping you to become more fulfilled by becoming the change you want to see.  

By ourselves, we sometimes struggle to see the wood for the trees. Petty management difficulties and general admin tasks shroud the obvious solutions. But in a world of ambiguity and change, leadership coaching helps you see the bigger picture clearly. It’s about developing a range of impactful actions that work for you.

What issues would you expect a good leadership coaching programme to cover? Self belief and awareness? Achieving success and personal branding? Understanding conflict and conflict resolution? Perhaps a particular area of management has been causing you stress. What’s important to remember is that a good coach, across the course of a programme, will address all aspects of leadership while always being conscious of the bigger picture.

Leadership coaching experience

At a fundamental level, good leadership is about understanding people. When a leadership coach is faced with a client whose business interactions are purely transactional, they look to bring humanity back into the workplace. And the coaches with the best reputations have much experience in doing so. 

The experience coaches share on an individual basis gives valuable insights to help senior executives gain greater perspective and confidence in terms of strategic thinking, managing relationships and prioritising workloads.

Executive coaching sessions should be productive and insightful, the coaching style results-driven and outcome-oriented (but also fun and interactive). An experienced leadership coach will probe with questions about your objective — all the while remaining attentive, summarising what she’s heard and suggesting strategies for achieving goals.

Sue Belton is an award-winning leadership and life coach. Her Meaningful Change approach has been developed over 14 years of working with hundreds of clients.

Sue Belton is an award-winning leadership and life coach. Her Meaningful Change approach has been developed over 14 years of working with hundreds of clients.

Client testimonial:

Through working with Sue, I’m much more aware of why and where I’m going, and I find that I’m truly holding myself more accountable, owning what I truly want to do. I’ve also learned to not be too self-critical about my journey to get there. I realize now that it’s generally a façade from people who seem to “have it together.” (Julia Mavrodin, Chief Growth Officer, Present Life Inc.)

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