Why is it important to take breaks

So you know the phrase work hard, play hard?

Well, if that means anything to you and it certainly does to me then you might want to know what the scientists have discovered and have to say about that.

Studies have shown that when you are constantly working, when you constantly have your head down on the task or the project, when you’re constantly doing, working through your to-do list, or when you’re plugged in – scrolling on your phone, the part of your brain that’s concerned with creativity, gets shut down.

Yes, shut down.

What I’m talking about is the part of your brain concerned with problem-solving, coming up with great ideas or coming to those big ‘aha’ moments. That gets shut down in the doing.

The good news is that they’ve also discovered when you’re doing something that gives you a dopamine hit,  when you do something that you enjoy and something that distracts you, takes your mind away from the work, that’s when all of that part of your brain gets lit up.

You’ve got access to it.

That’s why people famously have their big ideas in the shower. Or when exercising or listening to music, or go outside exercising.

That’s why I take regular daily breaks walking around my garden. And why I go for a whole day of hiking once a month. If a whole day out of the office (on a workday too!) feels too much of a stretch for you, and trust me, it’s still a stretch for me (I’ve still got a voice in my head saying “you should be working” “you should be at the office” “you should be working”)…..

You can start with 10-minute breaks – just going outside. Watching the birds in the garden – my personal favourite. Listening to music, or calling a friend.

But make sure you do that while you’re unplugged.

Do not take your phone with you.

If you want to work smarter, not harder, I recommend you dial down the work and dial up the rest and play.

Whatever you do, make sure you take your notebook with you to collect all of those fabulous ideas as they will come up.

And I’m curious….

What gives you inspiration?

Where do you get your best ideas?

Where you got your best idea of all?

Reach out to me and let me know!

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