What have you been YEARNING to do for years?

Yearning for something

Good morning. So as we head into week six, I just actually had to check to google. What week we were in cause I’ve lost track. So as we head into week six, what I’m really starting to notice is that some people are actually starting to use this time as an opportunity.

So I’m not diminishing the anxiety, stress. Everything cause that is a part of it. But what I’m really noticing is people using this time as an opportunity to finally get round to the thing they’ve been wanting to do for years or the kind of life they’ve been yearning for but never had the time to spend on it to actually do something about it.

So just last week, I signed up two new clients for a whole six months to work together because both of them are saying right.

Okay, this is it.

This is the time.

So one of them she is wanting to work on a business idea that she’s been talking about for over five years and she’s finally going. Okay, I’m going to spend this time cause I’m not rushing around. I’m not travelling. I’m not going from here.

They’re doing all of that I’m going to spend this time to finally crack the things that get in my way the blocks and deal with all the natural fears, insecurities, doubts that are getting in the way.

And then the guy that I signed up, he doesn’t quite yet know what he wants to have. He’s got an idea. He knows he doesn’t want, wants what he’s in now.

He knows he does not want to go back to that, but he does not know quite yet what he does want to create and step into. A few ideas. So that’s what he’s going to be doing.

So I don’t know where you sit on that scale, but the big thing I think what’s happened is that for most people well I got rid of that whole security blanket of I used to work at the BBC.

I was really scared of even going freelance, and I got rid of my security blanket of a regular paycheck 12 years ago. But I think for a lot of people, I don’t if this applies to you, that’s probably what’s happened to you. You’re realizing that there is no such thing as a security blanket.

Nothing is secure, nothing is for sure. Nothing is definite. That is absolutely true.

Nothing is permanent and there is no such thing as that kind of security.

So if that applies to you as well and you’re thinking, actually, maybe this is the time to do all of that stuff. Step into the kind of life I wanted then oh, yes, susie.

Then you can actually start using this time now because of this I have so I’ve got my six-month coaching program, but I’ve actually just designed a whole new day of working with me where you can get absolutely clear.

So I’ve called it to rethink and redesign where you spend a day with me so you get absolutely clear you set out a road map, you know of how you want things to do and also financially how you cover the mortgage, the bills in all of that.

But it’s actually going to be setting that out, how you can actually do it and get super crystal clear.

So that’s what I’m starting to do. And I’ve already got a couple of people coming through, and we’re going to be working like that together. So you spend a day with me doing that. So if you’re interested, I’m gonna put the link in the comments below for my new one-day life strategy session to rethink, redesign your life and otherwise, if this is, is how you’re feeling. Know that change is scary.

That actually designing a life that you want to live a rich full life where you would be honouring your values. You would be doing the things you want to be doing and spending your life doing.

Then it is scary, and that’s normal. And that’s normal.

So but just keep sitting with it, doing stuff, thinking about it and really checking in, you know, what do you want to go back to?

And what don’t you want to go back to. So, wishing you a good week, six. Stay safe and, yeah, stay thinking about what you do.

You don’t want to get back to. 


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