Something’s not right

Your career is making you unhappy + you feel unfulfilled. You’d love to do something different. But what?

This is not a feeling that a new job will fix. You’ve tried that before + it didn’t work. It feels like you’re always using sticker plasters to solve your career problems, doesn’t it?

Your conditioning (what you’ve been told you can do or can’t do), is coming up against your goals, and confusion reigns. You’re scared that there isn’t an answer. You’re scared that you can’t fix this. You’re scared that – maybe – this is all there is?

It’s time to stop playing small.

You need to dig deep into your values, discover your purpose + identify the big fears + limiting beliefs that are holding you back. It’s time to get crystal clear on the career which will make you happy, will honour your values + help you live your purpose.

All this + pay the bills + have the work life balance you want.


I’ve lived your life. Been there, done that, worn the designer T shirt.

I’ve lived your life. Been there, done that, worn the designer T shirt.

That’s why I created my CAREER COACHING programme to help people just like you (and me).

I know that until now you’ve been doing what your parents, teachers + unevolved self has told you that you should.

You’ve looked at jobs you could slot into, rather than questioning if they were right for you.
Unhappy? You’ve changed jobs, partners, cities.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is YOU.

In this programme, I work with all of you and not just on your career.

We look at your values + purpose + what’s going to make you truly happy.
We look at your natural qualities + abilities + skills that you ENJOY using.
We look at what might make you really happy +fulfilled, while being able to pay the bills.


Book a discovery call + we’ll explore if career coaching with me is the answer you’re looking for.



Once you’ve had your discovery call, we’ll see which coaching service is best for you.

Want total change?

6-month programme

Want fast results? 

One day intensive


One power hour

New career? 

 online course

Need step-by- step support? 

12-week group programme


Book a career coaching session with me, an expert executive coach, + it will transform your life.

This isn’t business school or a narrow-minded professional careers advisor with old-fashioned career advice. This is not about cover letters or LinkedIn profiles.

This is about getting you out of your comfort zone and reaching your full potential.

This is first-class career consulting with outstanding career coaching programmes.
This is about managing your career. Now you can get what you want– work-life balance + any career goal you set yourself - thanks to my coaching process.

Where are you in your career?

Whether you’re new in the job market, or on a job search, returning to work after a long break or set on a career path but struggling to manage work in a way which makes you feel happy, I can help you.


I work with successful, ambitious, goal-driven professionals who want more out of life.

Why? Because I am one.

In my early 30s I should have felt on top of the world.

I was a BBC TV producer + director + had a lovely two-year-old daughter.

I had my own home in London + a relationship.

My business world was high pressured + ideas, leadership, delivery + resilience were key.

For many years I thrived.

But I started waking up every day deeply + desperately unhappy.

Where I lived, my relationship, my job – all were simply wrong.

But I had no idea what to do about it.

As a driven hard-worker, I tried working harder, trying harder, thinking harder.

I was still stuck + sad.

What should I do?

TV. Food. Shopping. Alcohol.

I ran through ways to try + numb out.

Then, feeling rock bottom, I signed up for a 45-minute coaching call with a professional coach.

It changed my life. Now I’m here to change yours.


As I develop relationships based on trust, my coaching style is direct + challenging.

As I develop relationships based on trust, my coaching style is direct + challenging.

Work with me + you’ll learn about neuroscience evidence + techniques, emotional intelligence theory + leadership development. You’ll experience and learn simple, pragmatic + powerful tools – for life. You’ll develop improved awareness of yourself + others + will see fast, tangible results.

As one of a few business coaches who is also a professionally trained life coach, I am well placed to help you make lasting changes.

This is not a short-term fix + my life coaching services are only for people who are committed to serious long-lasting change. Whether you come to me with challenges in your personal or professional life, we will use your coaching sessions to work on you achieving your full potential.

Dr Rashmi Narayana (MD, MPH, MBA)

Before I met Sue, I found work challenging and stressful. It stopped me from doing my job well and affected my non-work life. I wasn’t sleeping well and was finding it hard to find time to do things I enjoy.</em>

Working with Sue is like working with a trusted professional who has your best interests as her goal. She emotionally tuned-in, really listens and offers concrete, actionable feedback. This helped me to focus on just being me in sessions without worrying too much about ‘what I will be perceived as’.

<em>After coaching with Sue, I now manage a growing, international team of doctors and researchers and have managed to keep my team engagement score higher than the company average. I am also enjoying taking breaks to spend time with my family without feeling guilty. I am getting fitter and healthier than before.

Dr Rashmi Narayana (MD, MPH, MBA)

Head of Clinical Development, Fast growing health tech company.
Mike Shawcross

Sue was a huge help to me when I reached a point where I was struggling to balance work, family and overall stress. She helped me approach these problems from a completely different perspective than I’d ever thought of myself and soon, I was seeing a route out of my deep rut. She helped me trust my own values and judgement which resulted in me leaving London, changing job, reducing my stress and having more time to spend with my family and myself. From someone who would have previously snubbed the idea of seeking such help, I now can’t recommend it enough. I would highly recommend Sue to anyone.

Mike Shawcross

Senior Manager, Deloitte
Nancy Wilde CPCC

Working with Sue has helped me grow and learn as a Co-Active coach enormously – Sue has demonstrated and explained all of the CTI principles with clarity and transparency. She has helped me understand my saboteurs, my life purpose which was still unclear even after core curriculum, and connect me to my strengths. She has helped me with clients to serve them best.

Sue is worth every penny – she is informative, brilliant, supportive, extremely knowledgeable about CTI, holds you accountable to your goals, will help you develop your business such that you will reap the benefits financially.

Nancy Wilde CPCC

Entrepreneur Coach
Rebecca Fowler

Sue is an incredibly astute, insightful & pragmatic coach. I could easily connect with her approach of viewing me as a whole, realising that who I am in my personal life directly affects who I am in the business context. She is warm and welcoming, which allowed me to trust her to help me work through blockers that were inhibiting aspects of my development. Within three months, I gained new skills to deal with challenging situations on my own terms. Her work is as deep and meaningful as you allow it to be. I highly recommend Sue for individuals and companies alike.

Rebecca Fowler

Co-Founder, Haus of Nomads

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